About Avizandum

We know birds

Avizandum is South Africa’s only monthly magazine for keepers and breeders of pet and aviary birds. This magazine was started by Vera and David Dennison in 1989, and is now under the management of Avizandum . The Avizandum has grown in leaps and bounds over the past 27 years and is forever setting new standards. This magazine is the main source of information and the main means of communication between keepers and breeders of pet and aviary birds in South Africa and Namibia.  Avizandum is now a registered trade mark.

Quality matters

Avizandum’s goal is to produce a monthly magazine of international quality for South African aviculturists and other aviculturists around the world. The articles contained in the magazine are up to the minute with regard to current information and are useful to beginners and experienced birdkeepers alike. Avizandum encourages adverts from suppliers of quality products and services to the avicultural and pet industry, thus enabling breeders and keepers of pet and aviary birds to source their requirements quickly and easily.

The name Avizandum is a legal term, meaning for your private consideration and it was adopted for this magazine in March 1989. Avizandum is published monthly for the private consideration of anyone who is interested in the care and breeding of birds.

Thank you

We would like to thank all our loyal readers and advertisers for their support over the last 24 years. Without this support many birdkeepers would find it more difficult to communicate and obtain information.

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us at Avizandum – editor@avizandum.co.za

For more information on Avizandum visit www.avizandum.co.za

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