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Advertising in Bird Shop is FREE for all keepers and breeders of pet and aviary birds.

Simply e-mail your advert to us. The advert will be posted on the Avizandum Bird shop website within 48 hours – all for FREE!

Please include an “advertisement title” for your advert. For example: “Breeding Ringnecks” or “Adult Pairs”. Please also include your name and town where (or near which) you live and the prices of your birds. Please e-mail, phone us once you have sold your birds. The adverts will be deleted on the last day of every month.

Avizandum readers have over the years stuck to the following policy:

They give their surname, the place where they live,e-mail addresses and phone numbers. They give prices for their birds. They do not advertise birds they do not have. They try very hard to remember to let us know once birds have been sold, so that their advert does not cause unnecessary phoning! It will be very easy and particularly important to remove adverts off our site once your birds have been sold. We request all advertisers to continue to uphold this policy.

Codes used in our Bird Shop adverts:

s/s – surgically sexed

m/c – micro chipped

DNA/s – DNA sexed

c/b – closed banded/rung

h/r – hand raised

1-0 – one male

0-1 – one female

0-1-5 – no male, one female, 5 unsexed

Blue/Lutino – Blue split for Lutino

You can also click here and fill out the online form to submit your ad.

If you are interested in advertising please contact us at   Your Company on one of our Banners on our Website:

The Avizandum website,, runs an effective online shopping system where customers can purchase the latest issue of the Avizandum along with the all of the back issues. We also retail many books related to birdkeeping, which also draws traffic to the site. Readers can also subscribe to the magazine and pay using EFT or credit card. Our website has a lot of traffic every month, averaging over 12 000 hits, which is promoted through the magazine itself, the digital apps, SEO, Google adwords and social media. We offer advertising rates for banners on our website which will help push traffic through to advertisers’ websites.

The following advertising spaces are available on our website:

Footer AD Spot 900x200px @ R550 per month

Right Menu AD Spot at 180x500px @ R495 per month

Left Menu AD Spot at 180x500px @ R495 per month

Advertise in our Magazine:

Grow your business! The Avizandum is the perfect platform for advertisers, suppliers and retailers of birdkeeping supplies and livestock to promote their products and brand awareness, reach out to their direct market, and ultimately promote additional sales. We have done our best to provide the most competitive advertising rates and we also offer a high standard of graphic design services for free, ensuring you have the best advert possible! Click here to download our rate card.

About the Magazine

The Avizandum is South Africa’s only magazine for keepers and breeders of pet an aviary birds. Going into its 26th year of publication, Avizandum contains articles from local and international professionals on aviculture; avian management; breeding of parrots, finches, and other species of birds; nutrition and feeding; health and disease; latest news and conservation; and much more. It is a high quality magazine that the purchaser can be proud to own. Avizandum is considered a reference, meaning that issues are kept by the purchaser and are referred back to, even 10 years later, for information. This benefits the advertisers as adverts have a long-term effect and are not seen once-off.

Avizandum is also unique in that it is fully bilingual, with all articles translated into Afrikaans by a knowledgeable birdkeeper, to reach wider audiences across the country.

Avizandum In the Stores

Avizandum is supplied to selected pet stores all over South Africa. These stores are supplied with Avizandum magazine either through direct delivery from Avizandum or by magazine distribution companies. For a complete list of all the stores we supply please visit our website at

Avizandum Goes Digital

Keeping up-to-date with the latest publishing trends, Avizandum is also available on all digital platforms such as PC, Mac, Apple iTunes: Newstand for iPhones and iPads, Android, Black Berry Notebook, HP Touch and Kindle Fire. Readers from all over South Africa and the rest of the world can purchase and download Avizandum wherever they are in the world! Since this app was launched in 2012 we have had over 15 000 downloads! Advertisers’ adverts on the digital editions can link directly to a website or email address of the advertiser’s choice, giving readers a direct link from the magazine to the advertiser’s details and additional product information through the advertiser’s website.


We have an ever-growing list of subscribers, which we have built up over the past 26 years. Our subscribers get each issue of the magazine delivered to their doors before it even hits the stores!

Along with this, Avizandum attends many of the bird auctions each year in order to promote the magazine directly to the public and our target market. These various methods of distribution allow us to maximise the distribution and exposure of the Avizandum, making sure that we reach as many people as possible and ensuring that your advert gets the best possible results and returns.

If you would like to advertise in the Avizandum please email us at or contact us at Avizandum and we will send you the advertising rates.

You can also click on the options below to download our rate card:

Download English Rate Card. Click Here

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