Doves, Finches, Softbills

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September 2019

African Green Pigeon
Olive pigeon
Single or paired..
Contact: Jovan on 064 687 6637

19/09/2019-To swap/Te ruil:
NICOBAR doves males to swop for females.
Contact: Henry on 082 820 0089.

14/07/2019 – For sale/Te koop:
Red headed parrot finches R900
Sea grean parrot finches R900
Blue headed parrot finchesR 1700
Lavender finches. R 950
Lemonbreast. R 850
Tanzania pytilia. R 850

Gouldians. Per pair. R 600g,700y
Twinspots red peters. R995
Orange breasted waxbills special R 295
Grunters canaries pp. R450

All birds sold as pairs
Permits done on requests
Transport via road and air
Transport boxes sold 33cm, R100 includes water bucket and food, spca specs for flight Ritchies avaries.
Contact Aragshad on 0823223976 /

05/07/2019 – For sale/Te koop:
1-1 Livingstone Turacos onverwant
(2018, in vol kleur) R600.00.
Skakel Hennie 0824145435. Pretoria.

05/07/2019 – Wanted/Gesoek:
Indian Greenwing dove female.
Contact louis on 0842055455 /

August 2019

27/06/2019 – For sale/Te koop:
Doves for sale
Namaqua doves R350.00 p/p
American doves R460.00 p/p
Pigmy doves R400.00 p/p
Zebra doves R400.00 p/p
Diamond doves white and red R350.00 p/p
Fantail doves R350.00 p/p
Brpr Pheasants R1350.00 p/p
Peacock males R950.00 violet blue.
Contact Aragshad on 0823223976 /

27/06/2019 – For sale/Te koop:
Golden breast buntings R 695.00 p/p,
Scaly feathered waxbills R295.00
Yellow canaries, suisies, R250.00
Black throated canaries R200.00
White throated canaries R395.00
Larklikes R100.00 each
Orange breasted waxbills R350.00
Violet ear waxbills R495.00 p/p.
Contact Aragshad on 0823223976 /

10/06/2019 – For sale/Te koop:
Violet ear waxbills R495.00 p/p
Namaqua doves R350.00 p/p
Melbafinches R395.00 p/p
Blackcheek waxbills R295.00
Blue spotted doves R 695.00
Please leave a message during day.
Contact Aragshad on 0823223976 /

04/06/2019 – Wanted/Gesoek:
Any kind of young Hornbill,
maximum price is R5000.00
Contact Francois on 060 829 1301 /

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