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June 2017

25/04/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Beautiful CANARIES!!!
German Rollers and Redfactor
Very good singers. Lots of males
Price R200. – For rollers R 250.
For Redfactors. Price negotiable by more than 4.
Also finches for sale.
Contact Henk Zeedijk on 072 0215681 Krugersdorp /

18/04/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Trumpeter Hornbills 5:5 R25000 P/P
SilveryC Hornbills 1:4 R24000 ALL
Von Den Deckons 1:3 R9000 ALL
Black Casqued 1:2 R70000 ALL
Red/Yellow barbets 5:5 R4500 P/P
D Arnaut’s Barbets 2:2 R4500 P/P
Contact Sooi on 0736210291 /

18/04/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
2-2-0 Namaqua doves R 600. – p/p
4-4-0 Cherry finches R 350. – p/p
0-0-4 Grass Hecks finch R 200. – Each
0-0-4 Parsons R 250. – Each
Lots off finches Jacarini-Bechino’s
Starfinch-Redhead parrot finch-Cubans.
Contact H Zeedijk on 072 0215681 /

18/04/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Orange breast Waxbills
Violet ear Waxbills
Blackcheeks Waxbills
St Helena Waxbills
Firefinch Waxbills
Blue Waxbills
Australian Finches
Starfinch normals 495
Pied Starfinches 695
Red cheeks 895
Gouldians breeding pairs 850
Easter specials.
10 percent discount
Or buy 5 or more pairs and flight and travelling box will be for free.
Offer lasts until 18th of April. Permits can be arranged.
Northern Cape finch breeders
Ritchie aviaries
Northern Cape

11/04/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Grass-finches s/s split for white R380.00 p/p
Pied red head star Finch’s females R200.00 each.
Red breasted Zebra Finches R350.00 p/p.
Red head pied Parrot Finches R850.00 p/p.
Contact Hermanus on 0824477535 /

07/04/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
1-1 Fishers Turaco unrelated young pair R15 000.
Contact Hennie 0824145435 or email

05/04/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Pied Diamond Doves R1000-00 each.
Contact Andre on 0826533496 /

04/04/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Birmingham rollers for sale good stock
Bill Barretts and Olli Harris R100.00 each.
Contact Louis Laubscher on 0829537178 /

03/04/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Blue cap Finches R600.00 p/p.
Yellow wing Auroras R750.00 p/p.
Purple Grenadiers R950.00 p/p.
Contact Hermanus on 0823394473 /

31/03/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
0-1 BR Archangel Pigeon Brown with Grey wings R200.
Feel free to Whatsapp me for more info.
Contact Gideon on 0845009454 /

30/03/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
4 paar Indiese Groenvlerk Duiwe
R400 per paar. Deneysville.
Contact Hannes on 0827117189 /

30/03/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Jong pied diamond doves R2000.00 P/P.
Contact Hermanus on 0823394473 /

30/03/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Livingstone Turacos.
2-2 breeding pairs R6000 per pair.
4-4 2016 hand reared pairs R5000 per pair.
2-0 hand reared cocks R2000 each.
Contact Hennie 0824145435.

30/03/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
1-0 Ladyross Turaco R12500-00 each
3-1 Livingstone Turaco R6000-00 p/p
8-2 Green Crested Turaco (Pursa Bufini) R6000-00.
Contact Buks on 0825635165 /

27/03/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
3-3 paar pied Diamand Duiwe.
Blou pieds. S/s en c/b.
2016-2017.R2500 P/P.
Sondae gesluit! Pretoria.
Contact Henk on 0727335442 /

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27/03/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Europese Tortelduiwe te koop R1000 per paar.
Contact Jaco on 0828040623 /

27/03/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Violet ears R400, 00 pair.
Melbas R350, 00 pair.
Black cheek R400.00 pair.
Orange breast Waxbill Road 550 pair.
Steel blue Finches R350 pair.
Baardmanetjies R150 pair.
Black trotted Canaries R200 pair.
Yellow can Ericsson R200 pair.
Golden breast Bantings R700 pair.
Stone Bantings R250 pair.
Blueis R350 pair.
Kwartel Finch R500 pair
Air transport available with approved travelling box R250.
Contact Aldean niekerk on 0635270804 /

May 2017

23/03/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
4 x Mature Gouldians. Ready to breed.
R450-00 p/p Pied Diamond doves. R2500-00 p/p
1 x Brown & white pied diamond dove male. R3000-00..
Contact Andre on 0826533496 /

23/03/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Violet ear Finches R200 each
Blue Waxbill R300 pair
Black cheek Waxbills R350 p.o.
Golden breast burnings pretty boys R550 pair
Firefinches R250 pair
Transport to all airports including Pretoria Call for more info.
Contact Kevin Lloyd on 0728097171 /

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20/03/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Contact DAVID on 0793789130 /

13/03/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Blue Waxbills, Cut Throat Finches, Black Throated Canaries,
Widow Finches, Vronze Manikins for sale.
Located in Pretoria or Krugersdorp.
Contact Ricardo 0727489591 / 0725956843.

08/03/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Violet ear Waxbills R350 p/p.
Melbas R350 p/p
Blue Waxbills R350 p/p
Blackcheek Waxbills 350 p/p
Prices for new shop crazy opening special on Saturday.
Northern Cape Finch and Waxbill Breeders.
Contact ritchie on 0790856318 /

06/03/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
2-2 mat/prs Channelbill Toucans R40 000 p/p
1-1 brpr Channelbill Toucans R50 000
2-2 mat/prs Redbill Toucans R50 000 p/p
1-1 brpr Green Aracaris plus 2 females R45 000 lot
1-1 mat/pr Blacknecked Aracaris R10 000
Contact Fanie van Jaarsveld on 082 578 4646

06/03/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Duiwe beskikbaar
Diamand Duiwe R100
Pigmee R200
Peruvian R200
Pasarina R300
Zebra R200
Mougus R300
Groenvlerkke Indiese R500
Aust Kuifduiwe R850
Europese Tortels R2000
Amadawa Tortels R2500
Morning Doves R350
Masked Duiwe R300
Kenia Blouvlekkies R750
Pied Diamand Duiwe R2500
Bandtails Pigeons R3500
Specticals R750 p/p
Pryse is per paar.
Sondae gesluit!.
Contact Henk on 0727335442 /

02/03/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Two adult pairs of Bichenos
2-2 Owl Finches (bichenos) R900pp,
Ready to breed specialist in Finches for decades.
Building of avaries.
Contact ritchie on 0790856318 /

02/03/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Finches for sale
Namaqua Doves R500 p/p (two or more pairs R400 p/p)
Kwartel Vinke R350 p/p
Firefinches R250 p/p
Violets R350 p/p
Orange Breast R500.
Blou Sysies R350 p/p.
Rock Hastings R500 p/p.
Scaly Feathered Waxbills R200 p/p.
Indian Finches Silverbills R400 p/p.
Flights available to all airports.
All your Finch requirements.
Finches and Waxbills.
Contact Ritchie avaries on 0790856318 /

27/02/2017 – Te koop:
Bont Rooikop & Geelkop Stervinkies R400.00 p/p;
Gewone Rooikop Stervinkies R250.00 p/p.
Kontak Klasie Kruger by 084 208 5262 (Parys)

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