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June 2018

20/04/2018 – Wanted/Gesoek:
1-1 Red-head or Seagreen young Parrot Finches
Danie 0833890583 (Pretoria and surrounding areas)

19/04/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
4-4 red and yellow barbets plus 4 extra males
1-1 d arnauds barbet R18 000.00 for all 14 birds.
1-3 Europese bosduiwe R3500.00.
Contact Willem van de Kamp on 0832045654 /

18/04/2018 – Wanted/Gesoek:
Bengalese Finches.
Contact Kim on 0790352749 /

10/04/2018 – Wanted/Gesoek:
1-1 Red Billed Blue Magpies
(young pair, must be sexed).
Dane 0846781020 /

10/04/2018 – Wanted/Gesoek:
I am looking for the following
1-0 Archangel Pigeon or will sell my breeding hen
1-1 Diamond Doves
1-1 Pied Diamond Doves
1-1 White Diamond Doves.
Contact Gideon on 0832335144 /

09/04/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Beautiful and strong German Roller Kanaries outdoor breed-
yellow colour- male`s and female`s
also a few Red Factors for sale R200.00 each
1-1-0 Cuban finches R450.00 p/p;
3-3-0 Bechino`s finches R600.00 p/p;
1-1-0 Gras finches R350.00 p/p;
1-1-0 Cherry finch’s R400.00 p/p
Phone Henk 072 0215681 (Krugersdorp)

09/04/2018 – Wanted/Gesoek:
Sundervals waxbill hen.
Contact Gerhard on 0748295805 /

09/04/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Canaries – Red Factor
(youngsters) R150.00 each.
Contact Hennie on 0847344181 / (Pretoria)

04/04/2018 – Wanted/Gesoek:
0-1 Chanel Billed Toucan mature.
Graham 0825512086

04/03/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
2-2 brpr cellebus qiual doves R5500.00 p/p;
1-1 brpr scalley doves R1800.00 p/p;
2-2 brpr Amadawa doves R1500.00 p/p;
4-0 Adamawa doves (2017/2018) R750.00 each;
0-0-1 Adamawa dove (2018) R750.00;
1-1 brpr picazuro pigeons R6800.00 p/p;
1-1 picazuro pigeons (2017, related) R6800.00 p/p;
1-0 cellebus quial dove (2017) R2500.00;
0-0-1 cellebus qiual dove 2018 R2500.00;
1-0 Gouldian finch R200.00.
Contact Danie Pretorius on 0721885592 /

03/04/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
0-0-15 redhead parrot finches R200.00 each;
0-0-15 Seagreen R200.00 each;
2-2 peters Twinspots R1200.00 p/p;
1-0 aurora yellow wing R250.00;
3-0 tri-colours R700.00 each;
3-3 Cubans R500.00 p/p.
All birds parent reared outside aviaries.
Contact Sarel du toit. (Pinetown kzn.) on 0737231064 /

29/03/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Laughing Kookaburras R10 000.00 p/p;
Blue Wing Kookaburras R10 000.00 p/p;
Greater Hill Mynah’s (unsexed, young birds) R6000.00 or R15 000.00 p/p;
Toco Toucans R120 000.00 p/p.
Please contact William Horsfield on 0828923000 /

26/03/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Outdoor bred Gouldian cock birds
Contact James Hart on 0826585284 / (Cape Town)

26/03/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
3-1 Jacarinis:
2-1 Fawn Grass finches
1-1 Stars Orange Headed Pieds.
2-2 Stars Orange Headed Normal.
0-1 Stars Red Headed Hen.
R2100.00 for the lot.
Airfreight and travel box on buyers costs.
WhatsApp or inbox if interested 0823358755.

May 2018

26/03/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
12 Owl finches R250.00 each;
4 Diamond finches R140.00 each;
6 Cherry finchesR140.00 each;
2 Grass finches R150.00 each.
Contact Jacques on 0828523083 /

22/03/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Namaqua doves for R150.00;
Contact Ritchie on 0823223976 /

Click here for image

22/03/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Various finches and waxbills available
Violet ear waxbills R350.00 p/p;
Blackcheeks waxbills R250.00 p/p;
St Helena waxbills R200.00 p/p
Blue bill fire finches R500.00 p/p;
Cape canaries R400.00 p/p;
Bird hobbyist rare Siskin Cape
(only Siskin in world left) R1000.00 p/p;
Blue waxbills R350.00 p/p;
Orange breast waxbills R350.00 p/p;
Golden breast waxbills pretty boys R500.00 p/p;
Rock bunting R500.00 p/p.
Transport available Birds for swop as well.
Contact Ritchie avaries on 0823223976 /

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22/03/2018 – Wanted/Gesoek:
1-0 yellow wing aurora
0-1 fawn diamond sparrow
0-1 Jameson finch
0-1 bicheno.
Contact Ritchie on 0823223976 /

22/03/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Global Turaco Bird park
Buffon’s Turaco R6000.00 p/p;
Violet Turaco R6000.00 p/p;
Hartlaub’s Turaco R6000.00 p/p;
Schalow’s Turaco R15 000.00 p/p;
Lady Ross’s Turaco R25 000.00 p/p.
Contact Jeanette on 0738176231 /

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16/03/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Complete Gouldian Breeding facility,
including cages for an indoor set-up.
Approx 35 pairs including yellow rump.
Also outside 7-division avairy with Masked,
Tri-colour and Diamonds. Pics available on request.
Contact Ian Catto on 0825537909 /

15/03/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Pieter Twinspots pairs R1500.00 p/p
Los wyfies R1000.00 each
Contact Henk on 0727335442 / (Pretoria).

15/03/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Diamand Duiwe R100.00 p/p
Pigmee R200.00 p/p
Peruvian Duifies R250.00 p/p
Zebra Duifies R250.00 p/p
Pied/bont Diamand Duiwe R600.00 p/p
Pasarina Duifies R350.00 p/p
Kaneel Duifies R140.00 p/p
Peaceful Duiwe R500.00 p/p
Speticals R850.00 p/p
Scaly Duifies R2000.00 p/p
Kenia blouvlekkies R750.00 p/p
Masked dove R300.00 p/p
Morning doves R500.00 p/p
Indiese Groenvlerk R600.00 p/p
Aust Kuifduiwe R850.00 p/p
Bronsnek R600.00 p/p
Tamboryn Duifies R500.00 p/p
Blou grond Duiwe R1200.00 p/p
Sa kaneel Duiwe R500.00 p/p
Bont Tortels R500.00 p/p.
Contact Henk on 0727335442 /

13/03/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
28 Canaries Bred Outside en Tough
Sex Plus minus 1 male to 2 females
Different Colours and kind R250.00 each to take all.
Contact Pieter van Vreden on 076 9317578 /

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12/03/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
5-4 Gouldians – yellows and normal
(outside bred) R200.00 each.
Contact ismail on 0716765518 / (Durban).

12/03/2018 – Wanted/Gesoek:
0-1 Peters Twinspot
Ralph 084 720 6869 (Durban)

08/03/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Various Gouldians
all head colors and green and yellow backs
breeding pairs available first come first serve
splits in between for R600.00 p/p green or yellow.
Contact Ritchie’s avaries on 0823223976 /

07/03/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
2-2 Indian green wings R400.00 pair;
1-1 white diamond doves R900.00;
1-1 red zebra doves R300.00;
1-1 golden zebra doves R300.00;
1-1 blue ground doves R1100.00;
I-1 pair lace necks R150.00;
1 wood dove R100.00;
Odd finches.
Contact Trevor on 0824486999 /

05/03/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Star Finches Red Headed Male x
Yellow headed pied female R400 p/p;
Owl Finch R700.00 p/p;
Grass Finch R175.00 (male);
Jacarinis R400.00 p/p;
Chinese Quail R50.00 each (7 available)
Contact Charles on 0829419533 / (Bloemfontein).

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