Doves, Finches, Softbills

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October 2018

13/08/2018 – Wanted/Gesoek:
0-1 Australian bronze-winged dove
Preferably mature bird.
Contact Roy (Alderton) on 0824114721 /

02/08/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
2-2 pr pied Diamand duiwe R400.00 p/p
5-5 pr pigmee duifies R200.00 p/p
5-5 pr kaneel duiwe R150.00 p/p
3-3 pr zebra duiwe R250.00 p/p
2-2 pr spectacle duiwe R750.00 p/p
3-3 pr indiese groenvlerk duiwe R500.00 p/p
1-1 pr aust kuifduiwe R850.00 p/p
2-2 pr bronsnek duiwe R500.00 p/p.
1-1pr morning duiwe R400.00 p/p.
2-2 pr Peruvian duiwe R250.00 p/p.
Henk 0727335442

31/07/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Grasvink (s/s) R400.00 p/p;
Grasvink fawn (s/s) R450.00 p/p;
Grasvink wit (s/s) R300.00 each (meeste wyfies)
Bengalse (s/s) R150.00 p/p;
Pearly silwerbills (s/s) R2000.00 p/p
Masker Grasvinke (s/s) R1500.00 p/p
Chesnuts (s/s) R2000.00 p/p
Stervinke rooikop R400.00 p/p
Stervinke bont R500.00 p/p.
Stervinke silwer R1000.00 ea
Parsons (s/s) R500.00 p/p
Diamand sparrow (s/s) R450.00 p/p
Java sparrow wit (s/s) R250.00 p/p
Bichenos (s/s) R750.00 p/p
Rooikop parrots (s/s) R750.00 p/p
Seagreen parrots (s/s) vinke R800.00 p/p
Henk Naberman 0727335442.

September 2018

25/07/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Owl finches.
Contact JD smit on 0722259875 /

24/07/2018 – Wanted/Gesoek:
Starlings loose birds or pairs.
Contact Gerhard De Bruyn on 0748295805 /

24/07/2018 – Wanted/Gesoek:
5-4 brpr Zebra Finches.
Contact willem van dalen on 0319164435 / (Durban and surroundings).

17/07/2018 – Wanted/Gesoek:
1-0 Silvery Cheeked Hornbill
0-1 Channel Billed Toucan
Contact graham on 0825512086 /

12/07/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
2-2 Pairs of scally doves.
Hermanus 0832529901 (Pretoria).

11/07/2018 – Wanted/Gesoek:
0-1 Bleeding Heart
of te ruil vir mannetjies.
Contact Jaco on 0828040623 /

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06/07/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
2-2 brpr Blue winged Kookaburra (h/r) R10 000.00 p/p;
2-2 brpr Laughing Kookaburra (h/r) R10 000.00 p/p.
Contact Jaco on 0825617828 /

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