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April 2018

15/02/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
I am closing down my bird breeding farm as we are
relocating and have the following birds for sale.
(Most birds are c/b)
Breeding pairs:
1-1 Solomon Eclectus (2016) R7500.00;
1-1 Red sided Eclectus (2016) R8000.00;
2-2 Orange wing Amazons R10 000.00 p/p;
1-1 Hahn Macaw R5000.00;
7-7 Red tail African Grey R5000.00 p/p;
2-2 Red-lored Amazons R10 000.00 p/p;
2-2 Blue fronted Amazons R15 000.00 p/p;
1-1 Yellow fronted Amazon R15 000.00 p/p;
1-1 Maximillian’s R1500.00 p/p;
2-2 White headed Pionus R3000.00 p/p;
1-1 Yellow Ringnecks R1800.00 p/p;
1-1 Lutino Ringnecks R1800.00 p/p;
4-4 Sun Conures (2016) R3500.00 p/p;
1-1 Golden cap Conures R4000.00;
1-1 Red throated Conures R4000.00;
1-1 Jenday Conures R2500.00;
1-1 Green check Conure R1000.00;
2-2 Grey Ringnecks R1200.00 p/p;
1-1 Bare eyes Cockatoo R8000.00;
1-1 Medium Sulphur Cockatoo
(male slightly plucked on chest) R12 000.00
1-1 Ducorps Cockatoo
(Male plucked on chest but growing back) R8000.00
1-1 Blue and Gold Macaws (female just laid 3 eggs) R45000.00
Young birds
0-0-5 Sun Conures R950.00 each;
3-0 Grey Ringnecks R800.00 each;
1-0 Yellow Ringneck R1000.00;
1-0 Green Ringneck R300.00;
4-6 Alexandrines R1000.00 each;
1-0 Blue and Gold Macaw (2016) R15 000.00;
Red Belly Macaw (2012) R5000.00;
1-5 Solomon Eclectus (2016/2017) R4000.00 each;
3-1 Red sided Eclectus (2016/2017) R4000.00 each.
Birds are in professional aviaries and
dewormed/vet checked regularly.
Value R321350.00 But I will let go for R300 000.00
if all is purchased together.
Viewing of birds at my aviaries welcome.
50 x 18m bird cage with 60 large breeding cages
(Mostly Amazon/African grey boxes) and a 3 x 6m flight
cage with new nests for sale. Brand new and only
2 months in use. Unit can be completely dismantled
and reconstructed. R2000-000
Interested persons are welcome to view birds and aviaries.
Please contact Dr. Andre Hattingh in White River Mpumalanga.
Contact Dr. Andre Hattingh on 0729978041 / valleyviewbirds@gmail.com

09/02/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Suspended 4 Aviary setup.
1x1x2.4m size 4mm gauge wire.
Framework built by Steelmate can be dismantled
bolted together includes louvre deck system
with roller blind in front.
Surround enclosure doubles up as a walkway.
Full weather protection. Heating lamps
sprinkler system stainless steel bowls (24)
Florescent Light a must see.
Available in Gauteng only. R12000.00 onco.
Contact Renee Van Wyk on 0837626464 / mwbrett@mweb.co.za

02/02/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
0-2 Crimson Belly Conure R6000.00 each;
2-2 Greenwing Macaws R75 000.00 p/p;
1-1 Blue and Gold R30 000.00;
2-2 R/F Sun Conures R5000.00 each;
0-0-2 Alexandrians R1200.00 each;
1-1 Lesser Sulphur Crested R12 500.00.
Contact Nicci on 0623590661 / niccishultz@gmail.com

29/01/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
King Egg food, imported from Belgium.
Available in the Western Cape.
Excellent complementary feed for all types of birds
from finches, canaries, parakeets to parrots and macaws.
Can be fed in dry form or mixed into a fresh/soft food mix.
Suitable as part of a maintenance diet in resting season
and as a breeding supplement leading
up to and during the breeding period.
Available in 10kg or 1kg bags.
Email: kings.capetown@gmail.com
Available at select petshops:
Pet Utopia – Crawford 021 697 0664
R&M Birds – Klipheuwel 083 701 5858
Crown Jul Pets – Kensington 084 455 5013 Pet’s for Africa – Goodwood 061 068 5598.

March 2018

26/01/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
2, 5 x 2, 5 new birdcage panels x 8 available.
Mesh wire on panels 25 x 13.
20mm Square tubing used on panels R2000.00.
1, 8 x 1, 8 panels also available R100.00 p/panel.
Contact Werner 0824127144.

24/01/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
2 true brpr yellow collard Macaws (perfect feather)
to swop for 2 brpr Galah Macaws
(parent raised, 10 and 12 years old).
Contact Charl on 0711748054 / adelec@live.co.za

23/01/2018 – Wanted/Gesoek:
30 netjiese hanghokke 900 x 900 x 1.8
Neels 0788259881.

17/01/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Description: 11 hanging cages with stand
1.8mx900x900, Cages are made up of 50%
galvanised sheeting and cages are solid
and frame requires good coat of paint,
perfect for parrots and specifically African greys
R700012 hanging cages – no stand , 1.5mx900x900.
Full mesh wire -R400each.
Will prefer to sell them together or either complete set
Contact Riaasat 0823355957.

17/01/2018 – Wanting to know
if there is retired couple or
retired lady that has experience with parrot
keeping and rearing babies that would be prepared
to oversee a small collection of parrots when I
need to go away. The area that I stay in is Margate KZN.
There is a two bedroomed cottage that will be available
to stay in with a fully fenced area if they have small dogs.
Please contact me on 0721991613. M Bellenger.

15/01/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Incubator RCOM 20 MAX.
Calibrated and tested.
As new with guarantee and user’s manual.
Contact for more details pse.
R8500.00 onco.
Wilhelm 0818632620. (Virginia, 9430).

10/01/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Contact OLLIE OLWAGE on 0825581776 / tugelafoods@webmail.co.za

03/01/2018 – For sale/Te koop:
Bou van hokke, vervoer kassies en neste
volgens u behoeftes.
Kontak my vir gratis kwotasie. My nr 0845057575
(Bethal, Mpumalanga).

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