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Go October 2017

November 2017

15/09/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Big Macaw Cage with thick mesh.
3.65 m (L) X 3.65 m (B) X 3.00 m (H)
(painted brown, to be collected and broken down)
R13, 000.00
Contact Willem on 082 777 7703 / willemwessels@vodamail.co.za (Pretoria Area).

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15/09/2017 – Wanted/Gesoek:
0-1 Jacarini
0-1 Pied Star
0-1 Seagreen Parrot
Contact Shane on 0823358755 / shanepetersen01@gmail.com (Kimberley).

11/09/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Female Border Collie Puppy (6 months old)
R2000.00 (selling her on behalf of my parents,
Reason for selling is that she needs more attention
and big grounds to exercise
which she’s not currently getting)
Whatsapp 0739200910 (Cape Town).

08/09/2017 – Wanted/Gesoek:
In need of good 2nd hand set of conventional aviaries
(suitable mesh for size of African Greys and Amazons)
Not wanting suspendeds.
Phone DES 0833194627 / pompomsparadise@gmail.com.

07/09/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
1-1 Bushbuck (Bosbokke).
Camp bred, eat fruit, veggies,
lucern and antelope pellets. R22000.00
Contact Johan 0832569053.

06/09/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
0-1 Blue Fronted R7000.00 (2016)
2-1 Nanday Conures R1000.00 each (2016)
0-1 Goffin R4000.00 (2015)
1-1 Green Tight Caique Pair R20 000.00 p/p (2016)
0-1 Green Tight Caique Female R12 000.00
1-1 (2016) White Bellied Caique pair R14 000.00 (2016)
2 Red Bellied parrot unsexed R1500.00 each (2017)
0-2 Derbyan R2000.00 each (2016)
Or R53000.00 for everything.
Contact Edward Coetzer 0843678024.

04/09/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Amazing finch and parrot T-Shirts for sale with front and back prints. Different designs available and striking colourful and detailed images. They are available in size Medium, Large and Xtra Large. We are located in Strand in the Helderberg for collection OR Shirts can be sent via Post Net to your nearest Post Net branch for only R99 (0-5kgs) for collection within 2-4 days max. You will receive a sms to alert you that you can collect. To view our T-Shirts kindly contact us via e-mail so we can send you some photos of what birds you are interested in. Our E-mail is greenfeathersfamilypets@gmail.com or alternatively contact 079 247 3733 for more details. Selling at only R260!!! Be sure to get yours today!

04/09/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Parrot Bird Cage, R1750.00
Contact Hein van Wyk on 0834171616 / heinvw1616@gmail.com

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October 2017

21/08/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
30 cages – 1200 x 600 x 600 R350 each
Can deliver in and around KZN.
Contact Stephanie on 0726287965 / stephaniesa001@gmail.com

21/08/2017 – Wanted/Gesoek:
Contact Joey Kotze on 0727196417 / joeykotze@vodamail.co.za

21/08/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
3 division solid fully galvanized suspended aviary.
Each division measures 1800 long X 800 wide X 800 high.
Aviary is 3 months old. Welded mesh is 13 X 25.
Please call as I will not respond to sms and WHATSAPP.
R 4500 Pics on request.
Contact Ismail on 0716765518 / ismailsuffla@gmail.com

14/08/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
0-5 show quality barred Plymouth rocks.
Just started laying R300ea.
Contact Zaheer on 0812808599 / dominionoutfitters@telkomsa.net

04/08/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Bosbokke, pragtige jong kampgeteelde Bosbokkies
Eet lusern, wildspille, groente en vrugte.
Pretoria omgewing. Johan 0832569053. R22000.

03/08/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
R20000.00 Het geldige permit en koper
moet volgens permit regulasies koop.
Gechip en DNA gedoen deur Natuurbewaring.
Vervoer en kratte op koper se eie onkostes.
Kontak Daleen (0718745091) vir enige verder navrae.

01/08/2017 – Wanted/Gesoek:
Grumbach incubators and Grumbach brooders
As well as Human Incubators
Graham 082 5512086.

31/07/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
One princesses R1700.
Contact peet botha on 0798985943 / bothap@apsap.co.za

28/07/2017 – To swap/Te ruil:
I own a beautiful undeveloped property
Of 2067 square meters in 2364 Swartwitpens str.
In Marloth Park next to the Kruger national park
Valued at R450 000-00 that I wish to swap
For any of the following birds for breeding purposes.
Lorikeets, Amazons, Macaws, Eclectus or African greys.
I will accept birds to the value of +-R320 000-00
In exchange for this property.
Birds must be healthy with permits where applicable.
If interested please contact Dr. Hattingh drandrehattingh@gmail.com Cell 0729978041

26/07/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 Study: 1
Bird breeding business with income potential
Very modern bird breeding business with high income potential.
Very neat and includes all accessories and equipment such as feeders,
Drinkers, nests, feed, pellets, sunflower seeds, nesting, medication,
Vitamin & mineral supplements, large hospital glass cage,
Infra-red lights etc. Bird types consist of Gouldians,
Celestial Parrotlets, Kakaris, Sulphur Cockatoos, Lovebirds and Masked Lovebirds,
Mannequins. Ail of the African Greys have rings and Permits.
The home is a two bedroom modern home with a very large Veranda to
Entertain guests or clients. The best kept secret of this business opportunity,
Is that the home is located in front of the river.
Bird stock included:
107 African Greys
434 Gouldians,
179 Celestial Parrotlets,
9 Kakaris,
2 Sulphur Cockatoos,
514 Lovebirds and
75 Mannequins
Feeds, medication, vitamin & mineral supplements … Read more
Property Details:
Type of Property: Commercial Property
Description: Retail
Lifestyle: Game/Stock Farm, River frontage
Erf Size: 1832 m2
SMS welcome / whatsapp welcome
0825201515 / multiproducts@yebo.co.za

September 2017

24/07/2017 – Te koop:
Nuwe African Grey hokke.
Word gebou op bestelling.
Raamwerk word gebou met nuwe 1ste graad 19mm
Vierkantige buispyp (squuare tubing).
Word met roeswerende verf geverf.
Staan op raam (suspended).
Die hok word oorgetrek met nuwe galvanised mesh en
Galvanised flat sheet metal met swivel feeders en perch
Holders. 0.9 x 0.9 x 1.8m diep.
R2500.00 per hok. Fotos beskikbaar.
Kontak Dirk le Roux by 0827889885 / lerouxboerdery@yahoo.com (NW provinsie).

21/07/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
King Eggfood, imported from Belgium.
Now available in the Western Cape.
Excellent complementary feed for all types of birds from finches, canaries, parakeets to parrots and macaws. Can be fed in dry form or mixed into a fresh/softfood mix.
Available in 10kg or 1kg bags.
Call/SMS/Whatsapp for more info 061 483 3452
Email: kings.capetown@gmail.com
Available at select petshops:
Pet Utopia – Crawford 021 697 0664
R&M Birds – Klipheuwel 083 701 5858
Crown Jul Pets – Kensington 084 455 5013.

10/07/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Galvanized bird cages in excellent condition
Contact A sing on 0849101192/0748532442 / Avianlovekzn@gmail.com

10/07/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Boerboele R1000.
Contact Eddie on 0823584807 / Sallyvermeulen24@gmail.com

10/07/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Price per pair
1-1 Blue Crowned Conures R3000
1-1 Orange Winged Amazons R3000
1-1 African Ringnecks R4000
1-1 Black Winged Jardines R4000
1-1 Yellow Crowned Amazons R12 500
1-1 Yellow Crowned Amazons R12 500
1-1 Blue Headed Pionus R4500
1-1 White Fronted Pionus R3000
1-1 Blue and Gold Macaws R60 000
1-1 Hahns Macaws R4000
1-1 Hahns Macaws R4000
All are breeding pairs.
Contact Annelize on 0813265814 / info1@golife.co.za

10/07/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
18 Grey hokke te koop.
In panele met 12mm squire tubing en 25x25mm draad.
Staal raamwerk waarop hokke staan met opstaan dak.
R500 per hok om self af te slaan en te vervoer.
Fotos op WhatsApp beskikbaar.
Hokke in Secunda Mpumalanga
J Nel 0845057575.

10/07/2017 – African Grey broeihokke te koop
Ek bou twee tipes African greyhokke.
Altwee is dieselfde groottes nl 1,8m x 0,9m x 0,9m
Die een tipe hok word klaar aanmekaar gesweis.
Word gemaak van 20mm vierkantige
buispyp en kry twee lae roeswerende verf.
Die raam word oorgetrek met galvanised sheets
En galvanised mesh van 25mm x 13mm x 1,25mm.
Elke hok kom met perch holders en swivel feeders wat 3 bakkies vat.
Die hokke het n deur agter en twee deure voor waar die neskas
By die boonste deur inskuif. Staanders word ook by die hokke ingesluit.
Die ander tipe hok lyk basies dieselfde maar kom in panele vir maklike vervoer.
Die rame word van 10mm ronde yster gemaak.
Die panele sit baie maklik en vining aanmekaar en is net so stewig as bogenoemde hok.
Jy kan dus n hele paar hokke op n bakkie of waentjie laai.
Hierdie hokke het nie n deur agter nie en ook nie n afskorting agter die neskas nie.
Pryse van hok klaar gebou:
1hok = R2500
2 hokke = R4890
3 hokke = R7130
Pryse van hok in panele:
1 hok = R2200
2 hokke = R4290
3 hokke = R6230
Kontak Dirk le Roux by 0827889885 vir verdere besonderhede. Ek is van Koster NW

10/07/2017 – For sale/Te koop:
Chow-chow x Labrador puppies,
7 weeks old, beautiful puppies,
They grow up looking like labs with slightly longer hair.
Puppies are 7 weeks old and have been dewormed. R400 ea.
Includes a puppy starter pack.
We are based in Randfontein.
Puppies are all eating pellets and are ready to go to their new homes.
Contact Teresa on 0658324775 / parrots@chilliapple.za.net

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29/06/2017 – To swap/Te ruil:
Black Bantam Orpington cocks
To exchange for hens or bantam Australorp hens.
Contact Marita Hattingh on 082 610 6828 / mjhattingh12@gmail.com

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