On this page we will advertise for free any birds of yours that you have lost or any birds that you have found. We suggest you describe the bird/s by giving the species name and by describing the physical appearance briefly. Do not mention ring or micro chip numbers here.

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FOUND – 16 Jan 2017: Fairlands Northckiff Constantia Kloof Gauteng. Found parrot in Mosaiek Church parking lot. Green Parrot with black head and black tail. Phone Andre 0718669349. Contact Erika on 0833077873 / erika.garcia.mier@gmail.com

FOUND – 14 January 2017: Houtbay, Cape Town. A (presumably) young Pionus Parrot was brought into HoutBay Vet, was on deaths door, but presently being nursed back to health.
Please contact Alberto at frnalb002@gmail.com. Contact Alberto Francioli on 0842081870 / frnalb002@gmail.com

LOST – 15 Jan 2017: Southfield. My African Grey “Spaz” is missing, he was last seen in Como Road in Southfield.Please if you have any details or know of his whereabouts let me know on the contact number or 0761294334 or 0217052985. Any help is appreciated.

LOST – 05/01/17: Goombungee. Lost my beautiful male turquoise green/blue Indian ringneck. He is tame and loves to say ‘hello Franki’ he is 4 year old black ring, he is very loved and missed, reward for his safe return 46965495. Contact Kylie wells on 46965495 or 0457562207 / kylie.hotty@rocketmail.com

FOUND – 5 January 2017: Mayberry Park, Alberton. In my garden today a brown and white, what looks like a racing pigeon, was/is at my house. If you have lost a pigeon please contact me. I have a picture. Contact Sherine Bennett on 0839684758 / sherinebennett54@gmail.com

FOUND – 29/12\2016: Pretoria west. I found a parakeet in the Pretoria west area. Grey head green body yellow chest. Contact Wanda on 0842058521 / wandavanaswegen@gmail.com

LOST – 18/12/2016: Abbotsford/Nahoon Valley Park EL. African Grey Parrot – ROBBIE. (Yellow/gold ring on his right foot) This little boy is very much loved and missed. Please, if you have seen him or know someone who knows him, please let us know. You will remain anonymous. His words include “Annetjie”, “Robbin”, “Voeltjie wil proe”. If you have him, please, do the right thing and let us know. He was spotted flying low towards the stop street at the bottom on Two Rivers Drive on Weds 21 Dec @ +- 12:00 pm. Please, if you live in DORCHESTER HEIGHTS, Robbie is around your area. He may land up at your home/garden, especially if he hears you have birds. Please like or share this notice so word gets out everywhere.. Contact Tracy on 0833546870 / crazytracyann@gmail.com

LOST – 26 december 2016: Dinwiddie. Red tail African Grey, last seen flying over stone arch estate towards Wadeville. Contact Michelle on 0826558317 / michellefegen53@gmail.com

LOST – 22/12/2016: Glenwood, Durban. I have lost my ring neck dove. She’s hand reared ,quite tame and is known to fly on people heads. She went for her daily flight and has not returned.please if anyone has seen her or is keeping her let me know. She doesn’t have a ring.. Contact Emily on 0748203277 / Emilyjordang@gmail.com

LOST – 2016-11-19: Oakdale. Bellvill. One of my African Greys flew out of his cage after the dog knock the cage over.The children got this bird from there uncle,that passed early this year.. Contact Paul Daniel on 0731576707 / paulmdaniel3@gmail.com

FOUND – 21/12/2016: Lyttelton (Unitas hospital). Found blue ring-necked parrot (ring around Right to foot). Contact Engela Lewies on 0798783085 / engela.steenkamp@gmail.com

LOST – 16 December 2016: Northdene. Missing Cockatiel. Mostly yellow with greyish wings. Very chatty and tame. Still very young. PLease call me urgently. Contact Jessica Young on 0815571350 / <a href=”mailto:jyjyess1997@gmail.com“>jyjyess1997@gmail.com</a>

FOUND – 12 December 2016: Riverside farm. Botterkloof. Stilbaai. Green parrot with blue rear and red beak hanging out in our garden . Quite tame. Trying to water and feed it.. Contact Alan Palmer on 0781652452 / alan@energyoptimisa.com

LOST – 04 December 2016: Parklands Tableview, Cape Town. Please help us find our African Grey Parrot. She flew away on the 4th of December in the evening. She is a very lovable and gentle bird. Please contact if you’ve found or seen her. There’s a reward if she’s found. Please help us find her, she’s our little Afrikaans birdie. Contact Morne on 0603939034 / mornemostert@hotmail.com

LOST – 9/12/16: Hlanganani Gardens, Cosmo City. Please help me find my Yellow Buggie bird by the name of Sophia ,her wings were unclipped. She escaped today at around 6pm. She has yellow wings,head,neck and green with yellow on her chest. Your help will be highly appreciated and rewarded. Contact Hakhensa Machevele on 0626311723 / asherbenj2013@gmail.com

LOST – 6 December 2016: Doris Rd, Claremont upper, Cape Town, 7708. Please help us find our mischievous Senagal Parrot, Eli, who escaped from his cage on Tuesday, 6 December 2016. He is desperately missed by his human and extended bird family. Thank you. Lyn. Contact Lyn on 0825669955 / lyn_viviers@yahoo.com

FOUND – Monday December 5th 2016: Schonenberg Estate, Herdervue. Found a parrot in this area. We are moving in two days and need to find the owners as soon as possible.. Contact Michaela Grieve on 0713614109 / <a href=”mailto:michaela.r.grieve@gmail.com“>michaela.r.grieve@gmail.com</a>

LOST – 25/11/2016: Swakopmund Namibia. Blue/Turquoise Ringneck.
Was 8 weeks old when flying away on 25 November 2016.
Contact Dunja Kiesewetter on +264 81 272 4301 / <a href=”mailto:dunja@iway.na“>dunja@iway.na</a>

LOST – 28 November 2016: Alberton North. African grey the meroen tail. Please contact me. Reward will be given. 9 years old. Contact Alta van Tonder on 0792896029 / <a href=”mailto:altavantonder00@gmail.com“>altavantonder00@gmail.com</a>

LOST – 28 November 2016
Alberton North. Please please contact me.
There will be a reward. That is our baby.
Contact Alta van Tonder on 0792896029 / altavantonder00@gmail.com

LOST – 2016-11-20: Umbilo, Durban, Kwazulu natal. Max is a green budgie (one years old).  He was sunning outside in his cage with his mate, when a neighbours child sneaked up and opened the cage and Max flew out.  He is my mothers bird and she is totally devastated.  She stands on the balcony every day whistling for him and with the bad weather, is very concerned that he is not eating, is cold etc.Kind regards. Contact kIM OSBORNE on 0827039293 / <a href=”mailto:kimberleigh.ann@gmail.com“>

FOUND – 2016-11-20: Protea Valley Bellville. Found African Grey. Contact Willie Schulze on 0846289708 / willie.schulze@telkomsa.net

LOST – 20/11/2016: Glenwood Durban. Our 1 year old ring necked parrot flew out our house yesterday. Her name is Noddy. She is a very pale powder blue, some parts white. She is our baby and we are desperate to get her back.Thanks. Contact Sarah Parkinson on 0823042308 / sparky28169@gmail.com

FOUND – 13 November 2016: Sundowner | Northwold. Yellow & orange parrot with blue & green tail flew into into my house.
Contact Nozipho on 0724557771 / johlabisa@gmail.com

LOST – 13 November 2016: Norwood Orange Grove. MISSING!!!!!!!!
African Grey missing- Norwood JHB.
Please spread the word – very tame very loved and goes by the name Ruby.
She may land up in someone’s garden.
It can take days but if we all keep our eyes open we can find her.
Thanks to you all.
No judgments required only positive assistance!
Contact Chaya on 0812649099 / chayalapin@gmail.com

FOUND – 4 November 2016: Capri Village, Fish Hoek. I have an African grey with a red tail that crawled on to my shoulder and came into my house.. Contact Hester Vaughan on 0835563999 / hester@lifestylecoach.co.za

3 November: centurion. ringed African Grey.
Contact Mike on 0732555599 / mgdannatt@gmail.com

FOUND – 3rd November 2016: Northcliff extension 15. Light blue parrot found in garden. Contact Rory on 0825687182 / rory.leahy@outlook.com

FOUND – : Roodepoort Kloofendal. Found a young grey ring neck bird in the middle of the road.. Contact Adelle on 0835003720 / adelle32coetzee@gmail.com

FOUND – 26 October 2016: Northriding. Yellow budgerigar found. Contact Allan on 0780682355 / ipichess@gmail.com

LOST – 14/08/2016: Dennemere Blackheath Western Cape. 6year old African Mobi flew away on the 14/08/16 while cleaning cage. Unclipped and scar of stitches on breast, very talkative and says words like: hello, good morning, bye bye, i’m cold, nitey nite. Sings, barks and calls Jody and Georgia. Wont talk if scared. Chipped beak. Please, if found, a reward of R500 will be paid since i’m a pensioner and my companion misses her so so much. Contact Claire on 0736520955 / mobi.stevens@gmaul.com

LOST – 16 October 2016: Benoni/Boksburg. Hi, Lost my blue and gold macaw.
If found, please return.
Reward offered for capture / return.
Please contact Mo on 0844446147 / mohamedg@absa.co.za

FOUND – 25/9/2016: amanzimtoti kzn. Found a young African grey with red tail.. Contact lelani on 0724842971 / lelani@gogps.co.za

LOST – 13/09/2016: Phoenix. My African Grey flew away from Phoenix, Northcroft area. He responds to the name Buddy. He has a ring tag on his right leg with BDAVEY35. A reward will be offered. Please help!!!. Contact Jessica on 0844298605 / jessnaicker@gmail.com

LOST – 09/09/2016: Boksburg north. My baby Solomon electus flew away today she is about 4 months old. She is a female witch means she is red and blue/purple color. her back toes are missing. The people i got her from said its because the mother over groomed her. Her name is beauty and she is completely tame I am offering a reward of R500.00 to anyone who can capture her and return her to me. Contact charlene on 0765117729 / charlenecholwick@rocketmail.com

LOST – 18/09/2016: Somerset West. Simon is a light coloured cockatiel who is between 6 and 9 months old. His wings are not clipped. He is extremely friendly and tame. He belongs to a senior citizen who is devastated, she is not eating or sleeping, that her child slipped out and flew away. Simon is her life, please if you have found him return him to his Mamma. He says “where you Mamma? What you doing Mamma?”
Substantial reward offered for his return.. Contact Lynne Shelton on 0833070390 / lynnshelton001@gmail.com

FOUND – 15/09/2016: Waterkloof ridge. A pale blue and white budgie found. Please contact me if you have lost your budgie. Contact Ria on 072 218 9655 / ria_tzi@hotmail.com

LOST – 11/09/16: Sandton. Our yellow cockatiel, who was hand reared flew away this morning 11 Sep. We are in Sandton. Contact John Hindle on 076 900 0805 / johnplathin@gmail.com

LOST – 14 July 2016: Casseldale Springs. My cockatiel flew away in July. I’m lost without him and truly hope that there is some way for me to get him back. He is mostly yellow with some grey and white in his wings. If anyone has seen him please, please contact me. Contact Chantel van Vuuren on 083 469 8429 / chantelruby.vv@gmail.com

FOUND – 8 Sept: Redhill / cape point. Hi. I found a young dove. Still young in the redhill cape point area please provide description if lost. Please call during working hours. Contact Ayesha on 083 792 2599 / ayeshadavids@ymail.com

FOUND – 3 September: Pelindaba. We have found a homing pigeon in our garden heavily ringmarked with 3 tags. Cannot identify it yet as its still a bit skittish and keeping a distance. Green, pink and orange bands around its ankles. Contact Lizelle Jacobs on 083 518 2170 / lizellejacobs222@gmail.com

LOST – 29 August 2016: Claremont upper, Cape Town, 7708. Enzo our beautiful, gentle, talkative and tame African Grey Parrot flew away from our home on Monday (29/8/16) late afternoon from Doris Rd/Newlands Road, Claremont upper, Cape Town. If you see him or he happens to land in your garden please contact Lyn Viviers on 082 566 9955 / lyn_viviers@yahoo.com

LOST – 29 August 2016: Claremont upper, Cape Town, 7708. Enzo our beautiful, gentle, talkative and tame African Grey Parrot flew away from our home on Monday (29/8/16) late afternoon from Doris Rd/Newlands Road, Claremont upper, Cape Town. If you see him or he happens to land in your garden please call Lyn on 0825669955 anytime. We are devastated. Thank you. Contact Lyn Viviers on 082 566 9955 / lyn_viviers@yahoo.com

LOST – 21 August 2016: Winston Park, KZN. Our gorgeous bright green Indian Ringneck parakeet called Tika flew away. Please be on the lookout for him. He says a few words like Laurie, where you, pretty and Toot, and has been hand reared. He was last spotted in a tree in the Winston Park area. Thanks. Contact Lisa on 060 991 1083 / lisaperalta25@gmail.com

LOST – 19.08.2016: Kenridge. Our African grey parrot Jackie flew away. She is not hand reared. Doesn’t talk a lot. She disappeared in Durbanville Kenridge aria. If you see her sitting in your garden or hear about parrot been found contact Natasha Parker on 083 725 8288 / 021 976 1873 / natashaparker65@gmail.com

FOUND – 14 August 2016: Garsfontein, Pretoria East. Found a really tame cockatiel. Loving bird. Loves to sing for food. One can see he/she spends hours on any interested shoulder. Contact Anne-Marie on 083 688 2750 / amscherman@gmail.com

LOST – 18 August 2016: 42 Skaamrosie Street, Protea Valley, Bellville, 7530. A Reward On the Return of My Parrot. Today at 12 before lunch while taking My African Grey by the name of Red, out to the garden as normal. When the cage door opened. Red my African grey got out from the door of that cage and before knowing what happened he was out and flying to Grandifloria side. have Looked and called for him all over but he could have landed anywhere. Please Help Me find him. Something to look out for: He has got red spots on chest On left leg has a big brass ring He is hand reared. Some words he uses: Good night, Lock lock, Hello, Good bye, wanna baff, orange apple, wheres ma, Ian, no, call the dog, come come come. naughty and his name Red. I have Pictures I can send. Contact Ian van der Merwe on 079 242 6797 / ianvdm@yahoo.com

LOST – 14 August 2016: The Willows, Pretoria. We lost a grey cockatiel on 14 August 2016. She flew away in the Wapadrand Security Village. Very tame, 1yr old. Her name is Gryphon. Contact Marica on 082 564 0999 / marica@asbos.co.za

FOUND – 15/08/2016: Monument Park. Green budgie found at Laerskool Monumentpark school grounds. Previously caged but not tamed. Contact Jeanette on 082 570 7645 / jludike@gmail.com

LOST – 31 July 2016: Johannesburg South. Our African grey, no ring. Flew off on 31 July 2016. Tail feathers slightly worn, as she doesn’t groom herself. Contact Juanita on 082 903 4207 / jthesner@rocketmail.com

LOST – 8 August 2016: Pinetown. Male Timneh African Grey called Sam was lost in the Pinetown area. One wing partially still clipped. He was last seen in central Pinetown on the same day he got out. He mimics the sound of a drill. Contact Rencia van Wyk on 082 308 1445 / rencia@acweb.co.za

FOUND – 11.08.16: Tamberskloof, Cape Town. White pigeon found. Please quote tag number to prove ownership. Contact Talitha Noble on 082 781 7451 / talgaby.noble@gmail.com

LOST – 6 August 3016: Verulam. Jardine parrot,green in colour, orange above beak, and black wings. Reward offered. His name is Polly. Contact Khalid on 084 829 7861 / mumtazvg@gmail.com

LOST – 7 August 2016: Randburg. LOST YELLOW BUDGIE WITH WHITE “MOUSTACHE” IN RANDBURG AREA. NAMED “LEMON”. PLEASE CALL OR TEXT IF FOUND! Contact Shae Lee on 083 454 5120 / shae.dts@telkomsa.net

LOST – 10 August 2016: Blairgowrie, Randburg, Johannesburg. We have lost our African grey. His name is Georgie. He was wearing a harness when he flew off. He might get stuck. If you do find him then please call us so that we can come collect him. We love him dearly and would really like him back. Contact Glenn on 074 657 2209 / glenn.gordon2@gmail.com

LOST – 11 August 2016 at +-11am: Struisbaai, Western Cape. Australian Ring Neck Parrot, pale blue with red beak, 5 years old female reared by us since 5 weeks’ old. She disappeared from a closed cage on our patio during the long weekend so we suspect that she was stolen. Lots of photos available. If you have any information please contact me; a substantial reward is offered for her safe return, no questions asked. Contact Neil on 083 409 6673 / 028 435 6579 / neilgrindlay@gmail.com

LOST – 8 August 2016: Pinetown. My 7 year old male maroon tail African gray. Some feathers on his wings are clipped and still not grown back. His name is Sam. He went towards the Giba gorge area. It was crazy windy when he escaped out of his cage. Loves cheese a bit too much. Please help. Contact Rencia van Wyk on 082 308 1445 / rencia@acweb.co.za

LOST – 06.08.2016: Verulam, KZN. My jardine parrot flew away in fear of a horn blowing, I live on a third floor flat, the second day people saw him in the vicinity we have searched but not found him. Contact Mumtaz van Greunen on 074 825 7861 / mumtazvg@gmail.com

LOST – 12 August 2015: Daspoort Pretoria. Timneh African grey called Budgie was last seen in Market str, Daspoort. He has a golden ring on his left leg but it could of been removed as I suspect someone picked him up and didn’t want to return him. He is very sweet and loving. I don’t know what his vocabulary is as he was only a few months old and speaking baby talk. His wings are clipped differently than normal and he has a scar on his 1 foot. He will know me as I have raised him from very small. Please if you have any information contact me. I would like him home for his 1st birthday. Contact Jodene on 076 875 0957 / jodenevanantwerpen@gmail.com

LOST – 29/07/16: Allerton Rd Northern Park Pietermaritzburg. Lost blue and white budgie he talks whistles and bobs his head he responds to his name Violet and is hand reared. Contact Letitia Naidoo on 083 412 2516 / letitiamichael@gmail.com

LOST – 30 July 2016: Johannesburg South. Offering a R2000 reward for the return of our African Grey Pricilla. Got her from someone that didn’t know how to care for African Greys. No ring. Doesn’t talk, as dhe wasn’t raised with alot of attention before I got her. Might say Elvis; Nag Elvie, Nag Cilla; Hello Elvie, Hello Cill; Moan gat. Dances on when a song plays and you dance next to the cage. Contact Juanita on 082 903 4207 / jthesner@rocketmail.com

LOST – 30th JULY 2016 +- 10 o clock: Cowies Hill (Balmoral Drive). While cleaning his cage, my African Grey (Red tail) got a fright and flew out the door. I am a Pensioner, and he is my beloved Pet that talks and keeps me company all day. His named COCO. We are prepared to pay a Reward for his safe return. Please Please can anyone contact me. I am heartbroken. Thank you. Contact Tisha on 083 300 8715 / tems@intekom.co.za

FOUND – 29 July 2016: Bethlehem Free State. Macaw found in Bethlehem. Contact Rozelle Taljaard on 082 707 7639 / roztaljaard@gmail.com

LOST – 14 March 2016: Mountain View, Pretoria. Missing African Grey Congo, about 2 and half years old. Went missing in March 2016 in Mountain View, Pretoria. He is not ringed. He says Ghambaai (his name), Papoetei, hou op, kom hier, etc. I raised him, he is my life. R5000 reward. Please help! baie dankie. Contact Audre on 074 140 8905 / gem7rsa@gmail.com

LOST – 16 July 2016: Ifafi, Hartbeespoort. African Grey Male named Benjamin flew away on Saturday 16 July 2016, Street – Cannon Cres. Ifafi, Hartbeespoort. He has a distinctive white mark on his beak. Please contact me if you see him anywhere. Thank you. Contact Jolandi Jordan on 072 598 3285 / accounts@azura-retreats.com

LOST – 11-07-2016: Bath Ave Parkwood Saxonworld. Felix flew away at around 6pm. He is a green ring necked parakeet. We would love to reunite him with his family. Picture of him is available on request. Thank you in advance. Contact Edelgard Rodrigues on 082 412 2861 / ellisg@sky.com

LOST – 9 July 2016: Charlo, Port Elizabeth. Lost cockatiel, yellow and grey. Very friendly and vocal. Please contact if sighted or caught. Contact Paige on 076 370 1535 / poliphant04@gmail.com

LOST – 5 July 2016: Umhlanga. Green Jardine parrot, we are offering a R1500 reward if found. Please contact if you have seen him, we are desperate to get our baby home safely. Contact Simon Nelson on 082 822 7955 / simonnelson@vodamail.co.za

FOUND – 3 July 2016: Meyersdal. African grey with leg band on left leg. Contact Candice on 072 230 8862 / kgbaccessories@gmail.com

LOST – 25/06/2016: Bayview ,Chatsworth. Lost African Grey on Saturday morning the 25/06/16 in Bayview Chatsworth. His name is Storm. Please contact me if found or spotted. Contact Kevin on 082 701 1905 / claudene.kisten85@gmail.com

LOST – 27/06/2016: Northcliff, Johannesburg. We live on Weltevreden Road and my Cockateil got out of his cage today. He responds to the name Cheeky and hates fingers, will try to bite them if they come near. He is light grey with only the front part of his head yellow in colour his cheeks are the normal orangy red colour. Any information on his whereabouts will be greatly appreciated! Contact Miss Mouton on 083 391 6776 / wihcone.mouton@gmail.com

LOST – 20 June 2016: Lotus Park, Isipingo. He is an African Grey Parrot (Congo) he would be around Lotus Park/Orient Hills, his body feathers are grey and his tail feathers are red in color, he responds to the name Tom-Tom if you have any information about his whereabouts or any other info please contact me. A reward will be given to the person who finds him, Your assistance will be highly appreciated, Thank You. Contact Adeline on 084 764 4457 / adelineassaram@icloud.com

FOUND – 25 June 2016: Hazeldean. Found a Macaw, big, blue and yellow in Silver Lakes area. Contact Mari on 082 929 0785 / marie@coetzerinc.co.za

LOST – 08 March 2016: Fairview, Overbaakens, Port Elizabeth. My Congo African Grey went missing on the 8th March in our cultersack in Overbaakens. He is very tame and will basically go to anyone. We have been looking for him everywhere. If anyone knows of someone who found an African grey or knows of someone who has found one please contact me. His name is Leo and usually responds to his name but only when we say it so not sure if he will respond. He barks and whistles a lot. he is light grey with a bright red tail. Please contact me with any info and there will be a reward offered. Contact Shannon Smith on 073 454 5945 / shazziboo15@gmail.com

LOST – 1 May 2016: Vanderbijlpark. My Hahn’s Macaw on Sunday the 1 of May 2016 . His name is Prityboy. I really want him back. Contact Maralize on 084 645 6672 / maralizen@live.com

LOST – 2016-06-19: Tembisa opposite Oakmoor station by the woods. If seen, please contact me or the alternative number, you shall be rewarded. The lost parrot is an African Grey male parrot with a red tail. It is about 4 months old. It can’t talk, and its name is Genie. Contact Osborne Nobela on 076 499 1274 or 079 294 6939 / nobelao@gmail.com

FOUND – 19 June 2016: Malvern, Queensburgh, Durban. We have found a Parrot in Malvern, Durban on the 19 June 2016 at 10h30. If you lost your bird please contact me. Contact Nilesh Rughoobeer on 078 456 5177 / nrughoobeer@gmail.com

LOST – 11 March: Queensburgh. Female Alexandrine with ring on foot escaped her aviary through the feeder, her partner is very lonely. Reward offered. Contact Peter on 072 636 5460 / pgstopforth@gmail.com

LOST – 7/6/2016: Parys Free State. Petrie went missing. Contact Ida Nel on 083 761 8911 / rietpoort.nel@gmail.com

FOUND – 11.06.2016: Diep Rivier, Cape Town. Grey parrot. Ringed. Contact Freda on 084 793 0784 / fredalee8@gmail.com

LOST – 9th June 2016: Riverside Rd, Umgeni Park. Lost Hahns Macaw 1.5 yrs old green/red under wings. Contact Hoosen on 082 448 4587 / hamra@discoverymail.co.za

FOUND – end May 2016: Durbanville. Found Alexandrine very tame and does have a ring. Contact Louisa van der Westhuizen on 083 357 5028 / louisa.vdhzn@mweb.co.za

LOST – 07/06/2016: Boston, Bellville. Chappie, African Grey female, grey body, red tale, random red feather growing out on her back (small). R3,000.00 reward if found, does not talk when afraid. PLEASE HELP!, REWARD WILL NEVER CHANGE, NOR WILL THE SEARCH STOP. Contact Isabel Koch on 078 755 8249 / Isabel@vanwykqs.co.za

LOST – 2016-06-03: Forest Hills Kloof. Our green male Eclectus called Tony went missing in the Forest Hills area. He is very friendly and responds to his name. He has a ring on his left leg. If you find please contact me. Contact Heath Coleman on 083 226 3529 / namloc@saol.com

LOST – 2/3 weeks ago: Pretoria. White ringneck parrot has green ring around one leg has blue and yellow feathers on wings. Contact Zander on 079 984 2881 / pokkelmaritz@gmail.com

FOUND – 5 June 2016: Pretoria, Waterkloof Ridge. Found young Senegal parrot on Sunday 5 June in Waterkloof Ridge. Looks like hand reared bird. Contact Susan Potgieter on 082 887 4600 / susanp353@gmail.com

LOST – 27 May 2016: Asherville. Hi my gran has lost her macaw. It’s green in colour with yellow in the face and red and blue under feathers. The bird flew from home. Contact Zaakira on 072 784 2283 / moezak.dawood@yahoo.com

FOUND – 4 May 2016: Rangeview Krugersdorp. Found a African Grey, you can identify the bird by the name it says and the song it whistles. Contact Tania Bishop on 084 270 4840 / taniabishop@mweb.co.za

FOUND – 30 Mei 2016: Pta / Jhb. COCO soek sy/haar REGTE HUISIE (Mamma). Ons is opsoek na Coco se regte mamma!! Die storie loop so: Coco is ñ maand terug geadverteer op FB as teverkoop. My vriendin het haar toe gekoop. Sy is aan my vriendin as ” Skatjie” voorgestel. Wel die dame wat haar aan my vriendin verkoop het, het net gese sy kan nie meer na Skatjie kyk nie.. Wel gedane sake.. Nou na ñ maand begin Skatjie praat en alles wat skatjie se kom nie ooreen met wat die dame aan my vriendin genoem het nie. So het my vriendin agter gekom Skatjie is eintlik COCO!!!! En dit het haar laat onthou syt omtrent 6-12mnde terug ñ pos gesien v n dame wat so na COCO gesoek het! Die dame het orals gesoek! Orals gepos!! Gesmeek en gevra.. Toe Coco nou begin dinge se en doen het daar n klokkie in haar kop gelui… Sy is bereid om COCO terug tegee aan sy/haar regte mamma!! Maar ONS soek bewyse! Coco se ring no… Ook het Coco n dingetjie wat hy/sy met sy een voetjie doen.. En wat se Coco baie!! As jy COCO se mamma is kontak my asb! Let wel: Coco is nie tekoop en sal by my vriendin bly. 30 dae sal die advertensie hardkloop so asb Share dit orals. Ons soek bewyse want my vriendin dink sy het ñ opgetelde papagaai gekoop en hy is aan haar verkoop! So asb HELP ons om COCO huistoe tevat na sy regte MAMMA toe… Pta/Jhb omgewing. 30 Mei 2016. Contact Lisinda on 084 764 0479 / lsonnekus@vodamail.co.za

LOST – 24 May 2016: Cape Town Besthorpe estate. About a year and 6 month old African grey lost in the Belthorne Estate/Crawford area in Cape Town. He is grey with red tail feathers and has a ring. Please contact me if you see him anywhere in the surrounding my areas. Contact Jawad on 079 391 4167 / jawadabrahams804@gmail.com

LOST – 23 May 2016: Durban North. Our female Jardine “Lime” flew out yesterday, we have placed her sleeping cage outside, so far no signs of her. She is unclipped and very tame, she has distinctive orange patch on her head and feathers by her feet are also turning orange. She doesn’t have a breeders ring. Contact Kasia on 076 036 6443 or Craig on 079 214 7107 / kasiakenig@gmail.com

LOST – 22/05/2016: Kloof. Jardine parrots missing from Buckingham Road, Kloof. Contact Cheryl Stone on 060 546 9176 / themstones@telkomsa.net

LOST – 21 May 2016: Doornpoort. I have lost my Yellow Indian Ringneck. His wings are clipped but he can fly a little bit. He has a band on his left leg. His name is Didi and he speaks. Please contact me if you find him. He is very dear to us! Contact Veronica Botha on 082 256 2233 / veronicabotha24@gmail.com

FOUND – +/- April 2016: Welcome Glen, Glencairn. Found in Welcome Glen, three weeks ago during storm. Tried to find owner. No luck, bird is a Blue Lutino Parrotlet, with a leg ring on it Contact Cecile Codrai on 072 123 8133 / cecilecodrai@gmail.com

FOUND – 2016/05/17: Sonstraal Heights / Brackenfell. Green & Yellow Budgie found.
Charles Way / Delene Road, Sonstraal Heights / Brackenfell. Contact Madelein Viljoen on 083 660 8215 / madelein.viljoen@telkom.co.za

LOST – 15 May 2016: Strandfontein. Congo African Grey. 1 year and 5 months old. Wings clipped but started growing back so can fly a little bit. If found please contact me. Reward offered. Contact Trevor Harper on 082 787 1807 / trharper@mweb.oc.za

LOST – 1 May 2016: Langeberg Ridge Brackenfell. African grey flew away. Has ring which can be identified. Reported to have been heard in tree in Kendal road, Eversdal Bellville mimicking my grandson. Reward is offered. Contact Arthur on 084 982 1363 / 084 484 1966 / abcloete@gmail.com

LOST – 4/4/2016: Bryanston. I have lost my Grey Headed Parrot in Bryanston on the 4/5/2016. She is very tame and friendly. Reward offered to anyone who has found her. Contact Mike on 072 371 7192 / debuysm@gmail.com

LOST – 19th March 2016: Scottburgh. Very talkative African Grey. Reward R3 500 for her return please. Contact Pamela Timm on 083 259 6955 / info@thedugong.co.za

FOUND – 02/05/2016: Robertsham, Gauteng.We have found a peach-faced lovebird in our yard with a leg band & clipped wings. Please contact me if this is your bird with positive identification of the leg band number. Contact Raeesah Yakoob on 072 313 6072 / raeesah.s@gmail.com

FOUND – 01/05/2016: Brits. I found an emu bird – similar to ostrich in the vicinity of Brits North-West please contact me to claim your bird. Contact Stephen sello Pitse on 072 471 7203 / mbepitse@yahoo.com

LOST – 1 May 2016: Strubens Valley, Roodepoort, close to Sovereign Road. I have lost an African Grey bird, Strubens Valley area, close to Sovereign street. Please if someone has seen him please let me know. Contact Janine on 082 702 5610 / abigail_jin@yahoo.com

LOST – 27.04.2016: Bonela. African grey 13 months old, has a ring on his foot. Contact Tasleem on 071 856 4000 / ahmedtasleem.786@gmail.com

LOST – 10 February 2016: Quellerina, Roodepoort. I have lost my child, an African Grey male, not ringed. He flew out an open window on 10 February 2016 in Quellerina, Roodepoort. He is a very talkative boy and copies various sounds, from other birds to dogs. Please let me know if you have found him – he is my life. Contact Julandi on 074 044 4629 / alwanyuli@gmail.com

FOUND – 24-04-2016: Boksburg. Not sure what type of bird it is, but its grey with yellow and blue. looks like a parrot. Contact Patrick on 083 253 9881 / willemse.pw@gail.com

LOST – 20/04/2016: Durban North/La Lucia. My African Grey parrot has flown away towards the Old Bush Road. He is very tame and responds to the name ‘Hoender’. He has no markings and is in excellent health. Contact Delia on 083 448 2922 / skyscraper@mweb.co.za

LOST – 18 April 2016: Malvern, Queensburgh (Walter Perfect Road). Urgent. My Jardine parrot (Zazu) flew away on Monday at 2:30pm. I live in Malvern, Queensburgh. He loves Smarties and French Fries to eat as well as pens to play with. There is a big reward out if found. Contact Zaf Khan on 079 654 8847 / Rose on 082 607 2450 / zaf.khan14@yahoo.com

FOUND – 14 April 2016: Kenmare. African grey found. Bird has no ring. Please contact me. Contact Joanne on 082 860 3065 / joanne@themediaconnection.co.za

LOST – 12 April 2016: Catherinastraat, Brackenhurst, Alberton. My grys ringnek het geskrik toe werksmense iets in die huis laat val het. Amper 10 jaar oud. Alleenlik buite in hok, maar in die huis het hy rondgeloop en op die gordynkap in die kombuis gesit. Baie mak en praat baie, en baie duidelik. Een van die goed wat hy graag gesê het, is Hallo my ding. As hy my vir ‘n rukkie nie gesien het nie, kom soek hy my waar ek ookal in die huis is. Mis my ou boytjie ontsettend en het slapelose nagte. Contact Wina Nel on 082 375 0748 / winnick@mweb.co.za

FOUND – 13/04/2016: Krugersdorp Kenmare Dublin street. We have found a beautiful African grey he is lost pls help. Contact Joanne on 082 860 3065 / joanne@themediaconnection.co.za

FOUND – April 2016: Sedgefield, Garden Route. African Grey with red tail. Very chatty and comes from a loving home. Contact Rose Young on 044 850 1254 / roseyoung164@gmail.com

LOST – 7 April: Bloemfontein. R2500 reward!!!! Name: Charlie. Green Ringneck. Contact Zandri on 072 447 5290 / zandripotgieter@gmail.com

FOUND – 7/4/2016: Keurboom park. Found a beautiful tame cockatiel, clearly hand reared with clipped wings. Contact Brenda on 072 909 4347 / brenda.morrow@uct.ac.za

LOST – 02 April 2016: Malvern, Queensburgh. African Grey with red tail. REWARD OFFERED. Contact Kogie Reddy on 082 505 1020 / kogie0905@gmail.com

LOST – 02 March 2016: North Beach Durban. Still missing my baby yellow ringneck that flew out on the 02 March 2016, it’s been a month, I dream about her and miss her everyday and hoping for a miracle. Please contact me if you know of anyone that may have her or seen her. Contact Taryn on 061 409 5453 / taryn.naidu1@gmail.com

LOST – January 2016: Weltevreden park, Gauteng. I have lost my African Grey Parrot. She is tame and friendly. I am offering a reward for her return. Contact Jessica on 083 286 1947 / galliejessica@gmail.com

LOST – 10 March 2016: Annlin, Pretoria. GROOT BELONING! Groot asb julle help ons ons kind terug kry. Rosemary/Parsley Str Anllin. Hy het geskrig en weggevlieg. Sy naam is Thabo en is mak en kan nie byt nie. Praat baie en sy gunsteling se goed is – Hallo Thabo Hallo my liefie Wat maak jy ?
Groot asb. Enige enige nuus en hulp asb. Kontak Freddie by 082 789 0802 / mr.shaun.butler@gmail.com

LOST – 14/03/2016: Mountain View Pretoria. My child, African Grey Red Tail, is lost. I raised him and he is my life. Please help. R3000 reward. Please contact me if you find or see him or have any info. Contact Audre on 074 140 8905 / gem7rsa@gmail.com

LOST – 31 March 2016: Brackenhurst, Alberton. Please help us to locate our missing African Grey. His name is Rio. He went missing in Brackenhurst close to Checkers near Delphinium Street. Contact Mari Barends on 082 415 0571 / Barry on 084 408 3898 / maribarends@gmail.com

LOST – April 2015: Klapmuts. Blue is still lost – we are willing to pay to have him back his ring number is 025. Contact Bernadine on 082 571 1300 / bernadine.t@vodamail.co.za

FOUND – 26 March 2016: Bassonia, Jhb South. Found a cockatiel. Quite tame. Contact Jessica Sanders on 084 840 7570 / jes2sanders@yahoo.com

LOST – 02 March 2016: North beach, Dbn. My yellow Ringneck parrot flew out on the 02 March 2016 from the north beach area and I still have not found her, please if anyone has any news of her please call me, a reward is offered for her return, miss her like crazy. Contact Taryn on 073 531 1290 / taryn.naidu1@gmail.com

LOST – 21 March 2016: Randpark Ridge. Lost African Grey. His name is Jack he has ring. He says things like “poncho”. Contact Shaun Plath on 072 408 7527 / shaunp93@gmail.com

LOST – Sept 2015: Westville. African grey rung with my own custom dated ring. Contact Zaheer on 072 931 0587 / dominionoutfitters@telkomsa.net

LOST – 21st March 2016: Florida Glenn / Bergbron. African Grey 14 weeks old. It appears that she/he managed to get the cage door open and flew after me . Please contact me if you find our pet. Contact Adrian on 082 5458 184 / isc.p@mweb.co.za

FOUND – Tuesday 15 March: Vaalwater Waterberg. We found a African grey with red tail. Has got a ring. Around Vaalwater waterberg . He Just say hello after sometime. Contact Shingai on 078 575 0138 / shingivybes@yahoo.com

LOST – 15 March 2016: Pta East Ashlea gardens. African Grey Morne flew away 15 March 7pm. Reward R1500. Contact Adele Kruger on 082 306 9894 / adelekruger69@gmail.com

FOUND – 16 March’16: Annlin West. Male African Grey Older than 6 years, ID ring on left leg. Contact Helena on 082 457 9521 / helenacmeyer@gmail.com

FOUND – 15/02/2016: Pretoria Annlin West. I found a African Grey on my motorbike at 19:00 15 March 2016. It has a ring on his foot with a id number. Please let me know if you lost one and have your tag number available. Contact Salom’e on 084 958 3367 / stoltzsalome@gmail.com

LOST – 14/03/2016: Mountain View Pretoria. My African grey Congo parrot is missing. Please help me find him, he is my life. Reward offered. Baie dankie. Contact Audre on 074 140 8905 / gem7rsa@gmail.com

FOUND – March 2016: Kirstenhof Cape Town. I have found a ringneck parrot. Contact Candice on 074 457 0062 / candiceknight69@gmail.com

LOST – 02/03/2016. Bloemfontein, Pellissier. African Grey lost. Reward. Contact Robert Mawman on 083 962 6552 / mawman18@gmail.com

FOUND – 5 March 2016: Hazelwood/Maroelana Pretoria East. Yellow ringneck found corner 18th and Oaktree. Very tame. Has a ring but the avian Vet cannot identify the owner. He believes it’s a male about 2 years old. Contact Jane on 082 554 0116 / janie.basson@gmail.com

FOUND – 2 March 2016: Oakdale Bellville. I have found a young, lovable, awesome and very tame Cockatiel who loves toast and lettuce and responds to barking dogs. If you have lost your sunshine, you could be from the greater Bellville area: Boston, Oakdale, Chrismar, Blomtuin, De La Hey or Durbanville, as he can’t really fly very far. You will have to call me and explain your missing birds description. He’s really special and I know someone must be missing him. Contact Rone on 082 498 7097 / rone.swartz@gmail.com

FOUND – 5 March 2016: Westville, Dawncliffe area. Cockatiel found in Vista Ave, Westville. Contact Jason on 083 590 4595 / jasonstirk@hotmail.com

LOST – 25 February 2016: Springs, Gauteng. Yellow tame ringneck missig in the Springs/Geduld/Brakpan Area. She says “Mommy”. Please help me get her back, she is like my own daughter. Contact Marilyn Hoon on 072 846 8747 / marilynven@nokiamail.com

LOST – 02 March 2017: North Beach Durban. My yellow Ringneck flew out on the 02 March around 6m, in the North Beach area. Please contact me if you spot her or know of anyone that might have her, she loves humans. Contact Taryn on 073 531 1290 / taryn.naidu1@gmail.com

LOST – 29/02/2016: Kilnerpark, Pretoria. We are missing our Eclectus parrot he is green with yellow beak. He goes by the name of Dexter and is very tame. Please help us find him. Contact Andrew on 071 689 5997 / 082 528 6589 / nita25strauss@gmail.com

LOST – 18th December 2015: Kloof / Pinetown. My 2 year old, turquoise Indian Ringneck Parakeet flew out of the cage and into a mass of trees in Westmead / Kloof / Field’s Hill area (High Ridge Road). He is very domesticated and says “Hello” and “I love you” as well as a few other phrases. He also barks like his doggie companion. Contact Tilisha on 079 349 9893 / tilishagovender@gmail.com

LOST – 22 February 2016: Silverglen Drive. We have lost our African Grey with a red tail. Please help us find him. Name: Bert. Age: 2 years. He responds to whistles. Contact Ricky on 082 461 7607 / tgovender222@gmail.com

LOST – 16 February 2016: Pennington. Our African Grey flew off towards Kelso area from Pennington. He has a ring. He is 15 weeks old. He has been spotted in the Keslo area. Contact Gary on 079 105 0020 / garyshuttleworth@gmail.com

LOST – 20/02/2016: Monavoni, Centurion. Hi our 5 year old African Grey (Red tail) got a fright and flew away. I can identify him by his chip. His name is Rex and calls himself Ru-ru. He also calls our dog Flash. Please contact me if you have found him? He is like a child to us. Contact Lizanne Franckeiss on 076 067 4546 / lizanne730@gmail.com

LOST – 16 Feb 16: Kelso, Pennington. Our 15 week old African Grey took flight from Pennington and flew to Abrahams Crest area near Kelso station. He has a ring. He was spotted twice on the 17th Feb but no further sightings. Appreciate any help getting him back home. Contact Gary on 079105 0020 / garyshuttleworth@gmail.com

LOST – 17/02/2016: Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth. 4 month old grey Indian Ringneck lost near Summerstrand Spar. Contact Ana on 083 790 1803 / pm.nieuwoudt@gmail.com

LOST – +/- 25th January 2016: Green point. his name is Chucky. He likes to talk, when it comes to food he makes a hmm hmm sound, He loves to kiss and whistle, he also likes to dance when he sees food or when he gets excited. Contact Angelique Wolfaardt on 079 808 6132 / angeliquelittle02@gmail.com

LOST – 15/2/2016: Pinetown Ashley. We lost our African grey male 2 years old he has a brass ring around his right leg. Contact Kobus de Nysschen on 083 286 8672 / Painttech2001@gmail.com

FOUND – 8 January 2016: Langeberg Ridge, Durbanville. Grey cockatiel flying around in Langeberg Ridge area since Monday afternoon. We have not been able to catch the bird, but it’s been coming to our garden every morning and late afternoon to feed. Contact Janine on 083 469 5461 / lerouxj005@gmail.com

LOST – 9 February 2016: Fairland, Johannesburg. One blue budgie, 3 years old, female, knows own name (Bluewy). One white budgie with a blue dot on its tail, juvenile. 10 year old owner distraught. Contact Beccy Stones on 011 476 5741 / stones@yebo.co.za

LOST – 7 February 2016: Meyersdal, Alberton. 11 Week old African Grey lost. Contact Susan on 072 326 1067 / alice-execu@hotmail.com

FOUND – 30 Jan 2016: Claremont. Cockatiel flew into our lounge. We have it safe in a spare cage. Let me know you have lost one. Contact Jenni Case on 079 491 2485 / jenni.case@uct.ac.za

FOUND – 3/2/2016: Beverley, Lonehill. We have for the last 2 days, had a blue ringed necked parrot staying in our garden, hopefully we can find the owner, we can not catch the bird but has been with us all day on our garden wall. Contact Mel Ladbury on 079 253 1856 / theladburys@aol.com

FOUND – 2 Feb: Muizenberg. Parrot. Contact Fergus on 071 147 4883 / turner.ireland@gmail.com

LOST – 28 January 2016: Rynfield, Benoni. We have lost an African Grey Red Tail. Please help. We took him to the vet to have his wings clipped and the next day he flew away. The bird is 3 years old and his name is Cracker. Contact Ricky Coelho on 083 765 0816 / village@live.co.za

LOST – 23 January 2017: Farningham ridge / Pinetown. I have lost a yellow ringneck parrot. No ring yet just a yellow parrot with a red beak. Contact Cole Gowd on 060 711 0572 / gowd.cole@yahoo.com

FOUND – 25 January 2016: Kloof Kwazulu Natal. Found a green ring neck parrot In the lower Abrey Road area on 25 January 2016. Contact Michelle Yeo on 031 7645 867 / yeofm@vodamail.co.za

LOST – 12/08/2016: Market street, Daspoort, Pretoria. Timneh African grey lost in Market Street, flew to people’s yard and haven’t seen him since. Has a ring on his foot, I have the ring number on paper, must just find it. His name is Budgie, very tame and sweet. Only 9 months old. Reward of R1500 for the person who finds him. Contact Jodene on 076 875 0957 / JodeneVANantwerpen@gmail.com

FOUND – 21 January 2016: Mogale city / Muldersdrift. Found a Rosella parakeet. Contact Cherisse on 076 300 8267 / murrellcc@yahoo.com

LOST – 18 Jan 2016: Noordheuwel, Krugersdorp. Lost my white cockatiel Nemo. He whistles in response to your whistling. Missing him greatly! Contact Vivian on 083 451 0782 / vivian.smit@nashuaisp.co.za

LOST – 15th January: Bryanston. Lost yellow ringneck bird. His name is Roxy. Contact Farook on 072 281 8696 / halimabaksha@yahoo.com

LOST – 21 January 2016: Durbanville Cape Town. My female Galah flew away today she has babies. Please call Andre Truter on 021 976 8710 / erikapotgieter@telkomsa.net

LOST – 18 Jan 2016: Sunninghill Fourways Waterfall woodmead midrand Sandton. Turquoise Indian ring neck parrot. Light black ring around next and black feather tips. Orange beak. Contact Arshaad Sibda on 083 390 9954 / dr.a.sibda@gmail.com

LOST – 10/01/16: Cedar / Inchanga road. I lost my African Grey parrot, when thunder struck on the supposed date and she flew away while on my shoulder and have been trying to look for her but to no avail. Please help me if you find her R1000 reward awaits the finder. Contact Henry on 062 514 4272 / studded4u12@gmail.com

LOST – 18th Jan 2016: Noordheuwel, Krugersdorp. My white Cockatiel, Nemo, escaped yesterday afternoon, he is not tame but responds to whistling. Please let me know if you see him!!. Contact Vivian on 083 451 0782 / vivian.smit@nashuaisp.co.za

LOST – 18/01/2016: Sherwood, Durban. Our little Hahn’s macaw is lost. He is green and has orange and yellow under the wings. His name is Blue, if found or sighted please contact me on 0731878643 before capturing as he will come to me if I call him. Contact Ziyaad on 073 187 8643 / ziyaadzn@gmail.com

LOST – 18 January 2016: Weltevreden park Roodepoort. I have lost my African Grey, she is friendly and is missing a toe on her one foot. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Contact Jessica on 083 286 1947 / galliejessica@gmail.com

LOST – 16 Jan 2016: Hazldean. MISSING!! Cockatiel.
Name: Harley
Colour: Grey
Age: 1 year 6 months
Loves kisses but NO scratches.
Contact Cylie on 076 422 4872 / cylieb@gmail.com

LOST – 17 January 2016: Muizenberg. My neighbour has lost a small green parrot in the vicinity of Palmer/Milner Road. Her name is Einstein, and she is tame, however not well so may nip when caught. Contact Caroline Thord-Gray on 084 583 9356 / toonsster@gmail.com

LOST – 6 January 2016: Warner beach / Winklespruit area. My Bird an African Grey congo has been my baby for 10 years now, he is very typical in appearance and does have a ring. Contact Laurel on 082 648 8565 / laureltheron@me.com

LOST – 01/01/2016: Simon’s Town, Cape Town. African Grey, LOST on evening of 1 January 2016 Named NANNA Red tail, wings not clipped.
May be in the vicinity between Boulders, Simon’s Town, and Glencairn.
She only allows one handler, may accept a WOMAN, and will fly if approached by a man. Contact if seen.
Contact Monique on 082 464 0215 / Wolfram on 082 464 0211 / m.moniqueweise@gmail.com

LOST – 10 January 2016: Rooihuiskraal north. Centurion. Our pied male cockatiel flew away in Rooihuiskraal north centurion on 10 January 2016. His name is Obi. We are upset beyond words. Contact Louise on 078 922 8630 / l.sparey.plotz@gmail.com

LOST – 12 Dec 2015: Candlewoods Country Estate (Midstream). Light-blue Indian Ringneck. She flew away on 12-Dec and answered when we called her from the trees in the shared park (behind the Guest House). We found her and tried to get her back into the cage but then she took off and did not come back to the park. She is half-tame and does not allow one to touch her. Contact Thea Wentzel on 084 458 1962 / thea.wentzel1@gmail.com

FOUND – 9/01/2016: Behind Cedar square, Fourways. I found an African Grey, I think he/she is young and friendly. Proof of ownership to be provided please. Contact Nicole on 076 827 8108 / nicoleham279@gmail.com

LOST – 4 Jan 2016: Bay Veiw, Strandfontein. Yellow baby cockatiel. He has red eyes and rosy cheeks. His wings have also been clipped. If found please contact Ashley on 072 011 3597 / ashleyh.balie@gmail.com

LOST – 1-12-2015: Newlands, East Durban. Lost male husky dog, there is a reward of R1000. Contact Hayden Larsen on 082 360 3927 / hayden.larsen26@gmail.com

FOUND – 05/01/16: Clyde, Victoria. Indian ringneck. Contact Diane Tatti on 042 868 0114 / david.vandenbroek@bigpond.com

LOST – 6 January 2016: Richmond hill, Port Elizabeth. My 4 month old cockatiel flew away at approx 5pm yesterday afternoon from Edward street in Richmond hill. Reward for her safe return. I am devastated. She is still being hand fed daily. She is grey with mottled wings underneath, orange cheeks and yellow on her head. Thank you. Contact Monique on 062 079 9167 / moniquemcld942@gmail.com

LOST – 5 January 2016: Northdene, Bevese Cresecent. African grey Congo. Light red tail. Some feather plucking on his chest. Has a silver ring in the left foot. His name is Tweets. Contact Meriese on 081 738 4015 / meriesegovender.merie@gmail.com

LOST – 11 April 2015: Klapmuts. Blue is still missing. He is an African Grey. If you see him let me know please we miss him. Contact Bernadine on 082 571 1300 / bernadine.t@vodamail.co.za

LOST – 03.11.2016: North Beach. Lost blueish turquoise 3 month old Indian Ringneck in the north beach area around 2PM on 3rd Jan. Contact Taryn on 084 529 5365 / taryn.naidu1@gmail.com

FOUND – 4/1/2016: Umbilo Durban. Found a baby Conure has red around eyes and top feathers green with red under tail with ring, was exhausted but now quiet chirpy. Contact Ann Sartor on 082 925 4760 / annsartor@gmail.com

FOUND – 2 Jan 2016: Birdhaven. Green Ringneck parakeet seen in trees at my house. 6:45 pm. Contact Candice on 082 337 3790 / candicet@mweb.co.za

LOST – 28 December 2015: Wingate park. I have lost my yellow Indian Ringneck Parrot. Please contact me if you have found him. Contact Myra Otto on 072 180 1134 / myrao92@gmail.com

LOST – 27/12/2015: The Crest, Durbanville. My African Grey went missing yesterday around 12pm. I’ve put up posters, put fliers in postboxes and I’ve been roaming the streets and searches everywhere. I am desperate and extremely worried. Please, if anyone sees him or finds him, please let me know. There is a R2000 reward for his safe return. I really do hope he comes home soon. I miss him so terribly. Thank you for your assistance. Contact Sindi on 083 264 3174 / sfoglar@gmail.com

FOUND – 26.12.15: Claremont, Cape Town. I found a mini Macaw in my garden this afternoon. He has a numbered ring around his one foot. Please contact me and provide the number and a full description of him/her, in order to claim the bird. Contact Lynette Slabbert on 021 674 3231 / slabbert.andre311@gmail.com

LOST – 23 December 2015: Boksburg. Young White albino cockatiel went missing in Impala Park on 23 December 2015. Reward will be offered. Contact René van der Westhuizen on 082 856 4195 / westhuizenrene@gmail.com

FOUND – 22 December 2015: Boksburg. Ringneck found in Boksburg. Contact Sean on 082 873 5129 / rtacom@gmail.com

LOST – 22.12.2015: Kharwastan. Our Indian Ringneck (blue in colour with a black ring around the neck) flew out the door last night. He has a long tail and answers to the name Niki. Contact Keshnee on 084 200 3220 / Keshneekisten@gmail.com

LOST – 10 December 2015: Southbroom KZN. 2 cockatiels, very tame, flew away. Grey and yellow. Contact John Hindle on 076 900 0805 / johnplathin@gmail.com

FOUND – 17/12/15: Durbanville. White and Yellow Cockatiel found. Very Tame. Contact Tamaryn on 073 693 3128 / tamarynmay@gmail.com

FOUND – 15-12-2015: Bedford Park, Senderwood. Green lovebird, very tame. Contact Aviva Wilensky on 082 414 9540 / harwil@telkomsa.net

FOUND – 2 December 2015: Isando. Green ring neck parrot. Female. Contact Tania on 083 623 6696 / tania.roger@jci.com

LOST – 26 September: Northcliff/Fairland JHB. Our African Grey went missing at the end of September in the Northcliff/Fairland area. Contact Lynette Nicholson on 082 895 5935 / lnicholson@oldmutual.com

LOST – 08/12/2015: Sundowner. African Grey lost Sundowner Northgate area. Ringo. Reward offered. Contact Rob on 083 265 1388 / Elaine on 083 399 7330 / robgravettza@yahoo.com

FOUND – 30 November 2015: Midrand. Red throated conure. Contact Danise on 071 470 6326 / drdctheron@gmail.com

LOST – 1 December 2015: Weltevreden Park Roodepoort. I have lost my African Grey parrot. Her name is Piper, she is tame and is missing a toe on her left foot. Please help me find her. Contact Jessica Gallie on 083 286 1947 / galliejessica@gmail.com

LOST – 22-11-2015: Durban Newlands East. Husky male – 2 years old. Contact Hayden Larsen on 082 360 3927 / Jenny on 083 352 1893 / hayden.larsen26@gmail.com

LOST – 27 November 2015: Melrose – Johannesburg. Blue Fronted Amazon Female – No ring, one elongated toenail. She is part of a long established pair. Please contact me if you have found her. Contact Greg on 083 317 3245 / gregroomer@gmail.com

FOUND – 26 Noevmber 2015: Chartwell. African Grey found. Quite tame. Has a ring, so the number will need to be confirmed before he/she will be handed over. Contact Leonie on 073 436 7037 / inchanga@gmail.com

FOUND – 25-11-2015: Pretoria. A brown and white pigeon with a green and purple tag. Please give number to confirm ownership. Contact Donne Hewitt on 072 326 4485 / hewittdonne@outlook.com

FOUND – 21 November 2015: Parkhurst, Johannesburg. Found Alexandrine parrot – currently at Craighall Veterinary Hospital – apparently in good health. Contact Belinda Phillips on 011 442 7362 / 082 744 7668 / bjsphillips@telkomsa.net

FOUND – Beginning November: Bluff, Durban. We actually received the bird (a green Ringneck with white rings around the eyes) from a colleague, who found it close to Grosvenor Area, Bluff. This bird loves to be scratched under the neck, and makes doglike sounds when being scratched, sometimes rings like a telephone. Doesn’t like being in a cage. Contact Karin Britz on 031 465 3106 / karin.britz@za.schindler.com

LOST – +- 31 October 2015: Benoni. Lost African Grey Male, last seen in Rynfield, Benoni. Still quite young, eyes greyish. From an outside aviary but still quite tame. May respond to the name Gremmy. Please contact Delia / Gary on 083 231 6346 or 082 498 5037 / dschoonbee@gmail.com

LOST – 02 November 2015: Burgundy Estate/ Bothasig. Hi, My Male Senegal parrot flew out of my flat on Monday 02 Nov 2015. He is two years old and is fairly large for his breed. His name is Elias and does not talk yet but he bobs his head when excited. Please let me know if anyone has seen him. Reward will be offered. Contact Jerome Counsell on 061 004 3722 / jcounsell5@gmail.com

LOST – 10/11/2015: Northcliff, Johannesburg. STOLEN AFRICAN GREY!!!
My grandparents’ African Grey was stolen last night, 10 November 2015. They took him in his cage, later on we found his cage dumped in a veld nearby but no sign of our bird. He is a mature adult, he has been part of our family for more then 20 years. His feathers are all intact, he doesn’t have the ring around his ankle, he is extremely talkative and likes to sign, he speaks Afrikaans, French and English. We suspect that he was stolen to be sold. My grandparents live in Kitson Street, Watverval Estate, Northcliff, Johannesburg. Please contact us if you have any information. Contact Shaylene on 072 364 9164 / shaymaritz@gmail.com

FOUND – 10/Nov/2015: Centurion. Found ringed pigeon in garden. Contact Linda on 082 940 3429 / linda@samsbolts.co.za

FOUND – 4th November 2015: Boksburg. A brown and white pigeon arrived last week looking quite tired. We have been feeding him as he looks quite tame. He has a red ring around his ankle. We are concerned about him as he clearly doesn’t know to stay off the ground for cats and dogs. Can anyone help? Contact Sally Yelverton on 079 496 9807 / sallyyelverton1@gmail.com

LOST – Young Java / Rice Sparrows: East Rand. 3 young Java Sparrows lost, not yet ringed. Fawn colour. Contact Pieter on 082 822 9852 / pbreedt@yahoo.com

LOST – 04 November 2015, 14h00.: Port Elizabeth; Sherwood/Kabega Park Area. My African Grey went missing on 04 November 2015 when she was accidentally let out. Can I please enlist your help in trying to locate her? She answers to the name Lulu. Reward offered. Thank you! Contact Meruska Muller on 060 992 5135 / meruska.muller@gmail.com

LOST – 01.11.2015: North Beach Durban. My baby a yellow Indian ringneck flew out on Saturday morning. I did locate him on the tree and frantically called him down for hours, unfortunately around 2 he flew toward the snake park area and I could not locate him, I have been searching day and night and praying someone has him and will please call me, he is very tame and hates his cage. A reward can be negotiated if you have him, please call me. Contact Taryn on 073 531 1290 or Whatsapp 073 327 6536 / taryn.naidu1@gmail.com

LOST – 02/11/15: Rondebosch, Cape town. Hi, YOLO flew away this morning from our place! It’s a Senegal parrot and he is 6 months old. Contact Louise on 071 116 9940 / louise.boulle@hotmail.com

LOST – 25 October 2015: Kanonkop Middelburg. Our green Indian Ringneck went missing on 25 October 2015 in Kanonkop, Middelburg near the Kees Taljaard Stadion. Contact Nellie on 078 208 0966 / nellievliet@yahoo.com

LOST – 11 April 2015: Klapmuts. LOST – 11 April 2015: Klapmuts. Hi there my pet bird Blue african grey flew away can you please help me find him. Contact Bernadine on 082 571 1300 / bernadine.t@vodamail.co.za

LOST – 26/10/15: Rivonia Place Overport. Lost African grey bird. Flew away today (26/10/15) around 12:45pm from Rivonia Place Overport. Still a baby, approximately 5 months old. He still has grey eyes. A reward will be given if found and returned. Contact Saadiyah on 082 332 0654 / 071 706 8812 / saadiyahmahomed28@gmail.com

LOST – 25 October 2015: Secunda. Male African Grey, named Charlie flew away from his perch. Talks a lot, and mimics the telephone ringing regularly and then says hello. Relatively tame, but may bite if irritated. Reward offered. R1 500.00. Contact Jay Govender on 082 464 3352 / jay.govender@sasol.com

FOUND – 22 October 2016: Elandsfontein, Germiston. Found young green Eclectus parrot in Barbara Road Elandsfontein at office building. Contact Hester Lombard on 083 324 8704 / hester.lombard@stefstocks.com

FOUND – 21 October 2015: Somerset West. We have found a champagne coloured pigeon which appears to be injured – green ring around the right ankle – please contact us with the ring number to collect. Contact Gaill Fraser on 072899088 / 09gaill@gmail.com

LOST – 20 October 2015: Phoenix Unit 13. Parrot stolen His name is Sweetu. He can say Rukhsar, Mom, Bebo & Hello. He makes the alarm noise as well. He is 10 years 6 months. Has a Red tail.
Stolen from Phoenix Unit 13. Last seen 20 October 2015 at 13:00. Reward if found. Contact Rukhsar on 073 504 2943 / sultanmuhammed83@gmail.com

LOST – 28th September: Pinelands, Cape Town. I have lost my beloved African Grey Izzy in Pinelands. She is 12 years old and has never lived in a cage. She has a metal ID ring around her left leg. She is very tame and friendly. I am heartbroken and desperate to get her back. I am offering a R5000 reward for her safe return. Contact Nerina on 071 360 5870 / nerina@rocknroot.co.za

LOST – 18/09/2015: Phoenix. My African Grey went missing or got stolen from my home in Phoenix. Please help find him. Reward of R2 000 is offered if returned safely. Contact Claudette on 084 592 7904 / iccindustrialsupplies@gmail.com

FOUND – 12th October 2015: Bishopscourt Cape Town. Very friendly green and yellow budgie found. obviously someones pet. Contact Jooles on 082 332 7844 / jooles@teamwarwick.com

LOST – 30 September 2015: Pietermaritzburg. Our African Grey parrot went missing on September 30th, 2015. He Responds to the name Zazu. He’s very friendly and 19 months old. Please contact if found. Reward offered. Contact Priyanka on 078 306 9377 / priyankapachuwah@gmail.com

LOST – 30/09/2015: Gonubie – East London. Green Cheeked Conure – Parakeet, Lost in the Main rd. Gonubie area. Fairly tame but does not like everyone. Will not fly away if approached slowly.
Contact Rod Clark on 082 905 5606 / rclark@vodamail.co.za

FOUND – 24/9/2015: Pietermaritzburg. An African Grey. To prove it’s yours please confirm with photo, and his/her vocabulary. Contact Ebrahim on 083 415 0436 / ebcalitz@gmail.com

FOUND – 2 October 2015: Camps Bay. I have found a Rosella in my garden. Please contact me if you think it is yours. It has a ring so you can give me the number to verify if it is yours. Contact Sean on 082 568 9661 / sean@prins.co.za

LOST – 11 April 2015: Klapmuts. Hi all Blue is still missing, please if you have him we miss him and will not stop looking for him. Contact Bernadine on 082 571 1300 / bernadine.t@vodamail.co.za

LOST – 26 September 2015: Fairlands, Jhb. Male African Grey, microchipped. Does talk but may not be clear to others. Tame, but may not go to strangers. Reward offered. Contact Lynette Nicholson on 082 895 5935 / tanjah56@gmail.com

FOUND – 30 September 2015: Roodepoort. Large grey loerie found in our garden. Looks tamed although it was frightened. Contact Johann Van Der Walt on 083 497 3776 / johanngeorgevanderwalt@gmail.com

LOST – 27/09/2015: Honeydew Ridge Roodepoort. My African Grey, Willow, flew away on Sunday 27 Sept 2015 from our home in Honeydew Ridge area. I believe he flew in direction of Radiokop area. He has an id ring. I am very heart sore. Please help me find him. Contact Yolandi or Marco on 082 870 8290 / yolandi@boston.co.za

FOUND – 28/09/2015: Panorama, Cape Town. Large Parrot in my Dad’s garden. Contact Cara on 083 271 2630 / cara_king@hotmail.com

FOUND – 26 September 15: Hilton. I have found a Conure Green in colour with yellow breast. Blueish head? It is safe and rested and eating and drinking well. Please contact me if you think this is your bird. It has a ring so you can give me the number to verify if it is yours. Contact Janet on 082 400 8968 / garthmartens@gmail.com

FOUND – 19th September 2015: North Beach road Umdloti KZN. A white faced cockatiel was found in Umdloti. If you are the rightful owner please do not hesitate to contact me. Please bring proof its your pet. Contact Vincent on 082 682 7638 / vinceduplessis@hotmail.com

FOUND – 22/09/2015: Durmonte Durbanville. African Grey. Very tame. Contact J Botha on 083 490 0141 / johanna@burgerbotha.co.za

FOUND – 19th September 2015: Umdloti KZN. A tamed white/light brown cockatiel was found in Umdloti, North beach road. Should the cockatiel belong to you kindly contact me. Contact Vincent on 082 682 7638 / vinceduplessis@hotmail.com

LOST – 18/09/2015: Shastri Park Phoenix kzn. My African Grey flew away today. He responds to the name Jamie. Reward offered. Contact Claudette on 084 592 7904 / iccis@webmail.co.za

LOST – 13.09.2015: Constantia Kloof. Our Blue Headed Conure took flight in the region of the Constantia Kloof Nature Reserve – Roodepoort – Gauteng on the 13th September 2015 @ around 13h30pm. This is a very much loved bird and a lot of sorrow at home at the moment. Contact Dawn van Rooyen on 083 411 1146 / bernievr7@gmail.com

LOST – 14/09/15: Paarl/durbanville. Lost breeding male Major Mitchell cockatoo this morning 09h30. Contact Michael Wall on 082 893 0484 / admin@walltrust.co.za

FOUND – 15/09/2015: Pta. East. Cockatiel Grey and yellow. Contact Ina on 082 745 5703 / inadafal008@gmail.com

LOST – 2015/09/08: Mayville – Pretoria. Polly my African Grey fly away from my house in Mayville, Pretoria on 8 September 2015. Please help me find him. Contact Mariaan Rothmann on 083 316 8501 / Amanda.bezuidenhout@dha.gov.za

LOST – 09 September 2015: Benoni. Our home was broken into on the 09th of September 2015 and our African Grey is now missing. If anyone has any info please contact me. Reward offered!. Contact Casey Stringer on 084 298 4318 / caseystringer24@gmail.com

FOUND – 13 September 2015: Strand. White Ringneck Parakeet. In Strand, looks like juvenile, very tame. Contact Hanli Abegglen on 083 653 1056 / hanli.peters.abegglen@gmail.com

FOUND – 9/09/2015: Reservoir Hills, Durban. Found AFRICAN GRAY PARROT with id tag on. Contact Devan on 081 401 0652 / Devann1001@gmail.com

FOUND – 12/09/2015: DIEPSLOOT, GAUTENG. Have found this beautiful Eclectus male parrot. Flew in front of my car. Legs severely injured! Contact Anya Heinz on 082 295 2205 / anyaheinz@gmail.com

LOST – 11 April 2015: Klapmuts. Hi there my pet bird Blue african grey flew away can you please help me find him. Contact Bernadine on 082 571 1300 / bernadine.t@vodamail.co.za

LOST – 30 August 2015: Bantry Bay, Clufton, Sea Point, Fresnaye. Our young African Grey flew off yesterday, could be in Clifton, Bantry Bay, Fresnaye, Sea Point area. He is ringed and fairly tame. His name is Gus – he speaks & says “hello”, “clucky”, “boy-boy”, “peek-a-boo”, “yoo-hoo”, “naughty boy”, “tickle tickle”, “come”, “step up”, “hello jasmin”. My twin girls are devastated & we hope to find him soon!
Contact Berna Howell on 072 133 3339 / Lew on 082 803 0803 / bhowell3466@gmail.com

LOST – 30 August 2015: Fourways Johannesburg. Green Military Macaw flew away at 1pm on 30 August. His name is Aaron. Very tame. He has a ring on his right leg. He was last seen flying towards the Sandton area.
Contact Norma on 0823785132 / normalegrange@gmail.com

LOST – 29/08/2015: Walkerville. My pair of Jardine parrots was stolen from my house early this morning – if found a reward for them thanks.
Contact Sheldon on 083 378 2886 / sheldon.wetton@yahoo.com

LOST – 27 Aug 2015: Malmesbury , Western Cape. Please help us find our African Grey Parrot. Her name is Scorpio and she has a Red tail. Contact me with any info!!
Contact Ria Uys on 073 968 3815 / riauys@outlook.com

LOST – 08/08/2015: Panorama, Western Cape. Our African Grey Parrot, Echo, escaped from her cage on the 8th August 2015. from Panorama in the Western Cape. family heartbroken. Contact Rose Hastings on 072 424 6666 / rosehastings06@gmail.com

LOST – 11 August 2015: Silverlakes Golf Estate, Silverlakes, Pretoria. I have lost my baby on Tuesday 11 August 2015. His name is Buddy and he is a ringed African Grey Parrot, 3months and 2~3weeks old. He has a red feather growing on his back by the white feather parts. I am not very sure of his gender but I was calling a ‘he’. He is responsive to his name. Contact Jiha Kim on 082 608 7298 / aabatsu@gmail.com

LOST – 3rd August 2015: Port Elizabeth Greenacers. An African Grey, uncut wings. If you have found him,please give him water to drink. Contact Travis on 076 122 9719 / tmb1984taurussun@gmail.com

FOUND – 28 July 2015: Zwavelpoort Pretoria East. Found a ringed African Grey parrot. Seems like a mature bird and I suspect he is male.
Contact Vincent on 071 267 8342 / info@biscottoria.co.za

LOST – 4 August 2015: Greenacres, Port Elizabeth. African Grey, answers to name of Buddy Boy. Contact Travis on 076 122 9719 / tmv1984taurursun@gmail.com

FOUND – 26 July 2015: Bluff. I have found a ring neck parrot in Brixham Avenue, Bluff. It is healthy and in good condition. Please be able to give me details or a photo to identify it as yours.
Contact Annette on 083 717 5535 / annette1967@outlook.com

LOST – 19 July 2015: Fourways . My Senegal Parrot flew out of his cage on Sunday afternoon. He answers to the name of Sammy. . Contact Beverley Dalbock on 082 612 4855 / beverley@dalbock.co.za

FOUND – 20 July 2015: Doornpoort Gauteng. Found baby Conure. Ring on foot has initials. Contact C de Wet on 079 017 3194 / cdewet75@gmail.com

LOST – 19 July 2015: Fairland. i have lost my green Indian ringneck parrot. his name is Koko.please if you find him contact Jessica.he has red ring around his leg. he flew out of his cage when his cage was cleaning. Contact Jessica on 082 567 7709 / jivka_slavcheva@yahoo.com

LOST – 16 July 2015: Lydenburg,South Africa , The Heads . I have lost my blue budgie male! Escaped or got stolen! Please if you know anything or found Bubbles,please contact me! He is not microchipped or ringed. Contact Janine on 079 656 8564 / Janine.mccabe@hotmail.co.za


FOUND – 11 July 2015: Modderfontein. African grey. Contact Rory on 076 090 0369 / Rreid@telkomsa.net

FOUND – 8 July 2015: Sidwell, Port Elizabeth. Good Day, I found a cockatiel in Sidwell area. It is very tame and in good condition and health. It has a ring on its one paw. Contact me if you lost a cockatiel. Contact Kirsten Gerber on 082 419 5500 / kirsteng68@gmail.com

LOST – 5 July 2015: Vierlanden, Durbanville. Young greywing yellow face budgie lost. Still very young and needs special care Light green and yellow. Reward offered. Contact Dana Krimchanski on 076 261 5690 / danakrim2001@gmail.com

FOUND – 2 July 2015: Amanda Glen, Durbanville. Beautiful Rosella found in Amanda Glen, Durbanville, Cape. Looks like an opaline female. Ringed. Contact Elizka Hendrikse on 073 223 0236 / crazerunner@gmail.com

FOUND – 30 June 2015: Merebank Bluff. hi A pigeon seems to have adopted us. I found it in my driveway and it doesn’t seem to want to leave. Tried to keep it safe and warm in my garage during the night. However I am not sure what to feed it. So I gave it some of my budgies food. Please pass the word around. It does have a tag. Contact Melanie on 083 708 5149 / padayacheemelanie27@gmail.com

FOUND – 21 June 2015: Fourways, Johannesburg. Found a very tame grey Ring neck in fourways. Please contact me on 0823785132. Contact Norma on 082 378 5132 / normalegrange@gmail.com

FOUND – 12 June 2015: Cape Town International Airport . Found a Yellow Indian Ringneck Parakeet, in one of the hangers, contact 0825673960. Contact Michael on 082 567 3960 / mjacka@gmail.com

FOUND – 01/06/2015: Adcockvale, Port Elizabeth. Ring neck parrot found in the Adcockvale area, PE yesterday, contact me if you have lost one. Contact Charl van Zyl on 082 893 5300 / hoopers@iafrica.com

LOST – 9th May 2015: Summerstrand. R5000 REWARD FOR OUR AFRICAN GREY CUDDLES RETURN !! Cuddles our adorable African Grey has still not been returned to us. I know she is out there 😇 Cuddles is very talkative & ever so cute. Our pain is just unbearable 😢 We miss her so so much. Of course I could just get another African Grey but Cuddles is our very precious baby. To all my beautiful family, friends & the amazing PE folk out there Thank You from the bottom of my heart for your all shares 😙 Your messages & prayers give me continued faith. I am pleading with everyone out there. PLEASE RETURN CUDDLES BACK HOME. Contact Sharon Wallace on 083 627 2772 / swallace.pe@gmail.com

FOUND – 25/05/15: Rietondale, Pretoria. Ringed African Grey with a red tail.. Contact Daleen on 083 287 3360 / daleen111@gmail.com

LOST – 25 Mei 2015: Dan Pienaar. My Congo African Grey het uitgekom, hy is maar 3 maande oud en is nog op 2 hand voedings per dag so asb hrlp my want hy gaan dit nie oorleef buite nie. BELONING! Contact Zelda on 071 401 5847 / zeldapretorius77@gmail.com

LOST – 19/05/15: Kensington / Bedforview. I lost my green Indian Ringneck on Theusday afternoon @ 16h10 in Kensington East Rand. He is tamed 3 / 4 years old. Iff found. Please call Yolanda 0835644577. Jhb.. Contact Yolanda on 083 564 4577 / yolbirch@gmail.com

LOST – 24-05-2015: Pretoria east, Faerie Glen. Cocatiel Hand reared, tame. Name: Myra. Grey, yellow and white with orange cheeks Reward offered. Contact Ina on inadafel007@gmail.com / inadafel007@gmail.com

LOST – 24 May 2015: Melrose, Johannesburg. Female Blue Fronted Amazon Ringed Not Tame Part of a fully bonded pair – she escaped from the aviary on Sunday morning 24 May 2015. Contact Greg on 083 317 3245 / gregroomer@gmail.com

LOST – 17 May 2015: summerstrand ,port elizabeth. I am looking for my African Grey Parrot his name is Jimmy. He is two years old with a silver tag around his left foot called DJLEE. He flew away around 5.30 pm in the Summer Strand area on the 17th May 2015. If anyone has any information about Jimmy please Kevin Govender on the following numbers Landline: 0878085602 or Cell number: 0732883724. Contact Kevin Govender on 073 288 3724 / kevin@hcr1.net

LOST – 12 May: Sunridge Park Port Elizabeth. Male Ringneck colour Green flew away,if you founded him please Contact me. Contact Nandi on 081 504 1366 / nandi.crous75@gmail.com

LOST – 9th May 2015: Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth. REWARD R1000 TO FIND OUR AFRICAN GREY, CUDDLES. I am determined to get my baby bird back. She cannot reach out to me but I will do everything possible to reach out to her. I have contacted all the vets and pet shops in PE & numerous websites. I believe in friends & an understanding of how strong a bond of love is. My heart is broken but I have faith that God will answer my prayers but I cannot do it alone. Thanks in advance to all of u who will make our reunion possible. I just want her back home. Contact Sharon Wallace on 083 627 2772 / swallace.pe@gmail.com

LOST – 2 May 2015: Ben Fleur Witbank. I found a indian ringneck!! Contact me!! The bird is ringed I need the number and colour of the bird please!! Contact Tessa on 082 522 0518 / Tessakruger@telkomsa.net

LOST – 08/05/2015: Boksburg North. My African Grey parrot flew away. Called Peanut.Calls our dogs names Lindy, Killer, Daisy and our Conure called Bekkie. Contact Albertus Nel on 083 660 6677 / alb.jaco@telkomsa.net

FOUND – 6 May 2015: De la Haye Bellville. Ringed African Grey found in tree. Contact Katy Meyer on 021 946 4455 / katymeyer@telkomsa.net

LOST – 19 July 2015: Fourways. My Senegal Parrot flew out of his cage on Sunday afternoon. He answers to the name of Sammy.
Contact Beverley Dalbock on 082 612 4855 / beverley@dalbock.co.za

FOUND – 03 May 2015: Plumstead Cape Town. Senegal, ringed, found. Proper identification of the ring number will prove the bird is yours. Contact Anton Viljoen on 083 226 8079 / antonv@mweb.co.za

FOUND – 25 April 2015: Pietermaritzburg. Canary found please call if u have the birds details. Contact Pam on 082 583 6326 / pamframecraft@gmail.com

LOST – 11 April 2015: Klapmuts. Hi there my pet bird Blue african grey flew away can you please help me find him . Contact bernadine on 082 571 1300 / bernadine.t@vodamail.co.za

FOUND – 23 April 2015: Rondebosch, Cape Town. Female Alaxandrine parakeet found in Rondebosch. Contact Dane on d.paijmans@gmail.com

LOST – 23 April 2015 at 13h35: 113 Jeppe street Middelburg Mpumalanga. My baby African grey of 12 weeks got out and fly away. Please if you see the baby contact me urgent it still needs 2 feeds a day. There is a reward
Thank you. Contact Ansie Trigwell on 072 104 8021 / henry.trigwell@ghmail.com

FOUND – 2 April 2015: Brenton on sea. Would like to locate owner of African Grey. Contact Dot Murray on 082 872 5054 / bikermurray@MWEB.CO.ZA

FOUND – 21 April 2015: Durbanville . Please let me know if you lost a rose breasted cockatoo. She makes a distinct sound that you need to share before I will hand her over. Contact Chantelle on 084 550 3300 / chantelle01@mweb.co.za

LOST – 22-02-2015: Rothdene, Meyerton. ASPETAT-GROOT BELONING!!! (LEWENDIG OF DOOD) My grys ringnekvoeljie het uitgekom in di omgewing v Pierneef, Viljoen, Glyn, Rabie,Rosestrate in Rothdene, Meyerton. Sy naam is Aspetat. Sy gunsteling se goedjies is “Hallo ma”, “Hallo Aspetatjie”, “Hallo Aspetroontjie”, “Soentjie ma”, “wil jy ‘n broodjie he”, “wil jy biki bad”
Kontak my groot seblief met enige inligting oor my kind Belinda. Contact Belinda on 084 844 3377 / belindat@tiscali.co.za

FOUND – 12 April 2015: Honeydew – Laser Park. Little mini Macaw found as per above. Cannot tell male or female. If you have lost one please contact me. You’ll have to describe its appearance and the words it says and noises it makes in precise detail.. Contact Liam on 072 063 5425 / liamokelly70@gmail.com

LOST – 16/17 April 2015: Irene, Centurion. Lost Mature Pink Male Galah Cockatoo
If seen please contact me. He is relatively tame as he was hand reared. Contact Tim on 079 529 7715 / tmliversage@gmail.com

FOUND – 15/04: Harfield road, Claremont. Green and yellow budgie, tame, clipped feathers, doesnt talk.. Contact Ali on 076 657 0503 / alichandoo96@gmail.com

FOUND – 12/4/15: Stellenberg, northern suburbs, Cape town. Cockatoo, white with pink Seems like a young bird Ring around claw very tame. Contact Juanette Steyn on 084 609 0602 / juas16@yahoo.com

LOST – 29.03.2015: Hazeldene Germiston. Green Indian Ring neck, his name is Paulie and he can say his name and Quickly – among other sounds and words. I am desperate to get him back. A reward will be offered. His Flight wings were cut so he cannot fly very far. He has been gone since Sunday 29.03.2015, please contact me. Contact Colleen on 079 804 4676 / Colleen.payne@joyglobal.com

LOST – 19/3/2015: Lydenburg 10km buite Lydenburg op die Ohrigstadpad. Ons groen ringnek mannetjie het uitgekom en ons mis hom baie. Contact Ena Bothma on 082 728 4361 / lydenburgmv@vodamail.co.za

LOST – 26/03/2015: North Beach, Durban. I lost my yellow ring neck he’s 5 months old. Please please contact me if found huge reward. Contact Taryn on 073 327 6536 / taryn.naidu1@gmail.com

LOST – 2015-02-22: ROTHDENE, MEYERTON, GAUTENG, SOUTH-AFRICA. Aspetat my grys mannetjie ringnek voeltjie het uitgekom en is nog Vrydag ini bome v Von Willigh en Rabiestraat en Laerskool Republiek (Rothdene, Meyerton) gesien. Hy is regtig baje mak. Groot seblief vra ek almal se hulp om net we my voeltjiekind te help opspoor. Hy het op die vroutjie se skouer gaan sit en toe we weg gevlieg. Hy’t ‘n splinter nuwe ringetjie. Ek het self daai area gefynkamp ma hom ni gekry nie enige hulp sal ek oneindig baje waardeur Groete Belinda
084-844 3377


I DO HAVE A R 500.00 REWARD FOR THE SAVE RETURN OF ASPETAT. Contact BELINDA on +27 84 844 33 77 / belindat@tiscali.co.za

LOST – 23rd March 2015: Moreleta Park, Pretoria. Yellow female budgie with pink feet, reddish eyes and white cheeks. Her name is buttercup and she can say her name and Hello.
Reward will be given on her safe return. Contact Casey Park on 074 633 3004 / cpark@phsg.org.za

FOUND – 18/03/2015: Benoni, Northmead. Found a cockatiel has ring on leg contact me with ring number. Contact Paul on 082 410 2130 / provaal@netctive.co.za

LOST – 17/3/2015: DURBAN, Morningside. Blue male Budgie lost, yellow head, named Reepicheep. He will climb onto your finger. he is being sorely missed. Please contact if you find him.. Contact Vanessa on 082 370 9038 / VKMRAD@GMAIL.COM

LOST – 14 March 2015: Brooklyn, Cape Town. African grey, Pepper is his name please help find my bird. Contact Hayley on 082 497 8449 / frio@mweb.co.za

LOST – 4 March 2015: Rondebosch. Cape Town. Yellow Indian Ringneck. Talking bird. Contact Elaine Curry on 082 414 1360 / evans@icon.co.za

LOST – 04/03/15: Rivonia Place, Overport. Lost African grey. A young female named Jasmine flew away from Rivonia Place, Overport(04/03/15). She is approximately 1 year old. She still has grey eyes, they have not changed colour yet. She has just started talking and she whistles a lot. Her flight wings have been cut once before, and so they haven’t fully grown again. She can’t fly extreme distances so she could be around the Brickfield road/ NMJ and surrounding area’s. Please be on the looked out for her. She is being terribly missed. If found please contact Sayeed Mahomed on 0823320654 or 031 2096612. Contact Sayeed Mahomed on 082 332 0654 / justapp@lantic.net

FOUND – 3 Feb 15: Doornpoort. African Grey Parrot found at 20h00 at a bus stop in Airport Rd, Doornpoort. The parrot has a ring.
Contact Doreen Hamlett on 071 878 6746 / hamlet.feral@gmail.com

LOST – 30/12/2014: Glenvarloch, Nigel. My African Grey flew away on 30/12/2014 in Glenvarloch, Nigel area. Her name is POPEYE, very tame and very talkative. Wings not clipped, she likes to cough and loves her peanuts and coffee. Award will be offered.
Contact Nannelien on 082 921 4255 / nannelien@lmprok.co.za

LOST – 08-02-2015: Weltevreden park Roodepoort. Lost my green Indian Ringneck when he flew out my yard into trees. I followed him as best I could throughout the day but he kept high on the trees and he was last seen on Sunday evening @ about 18:00 in Palmiet ave Weltevreden park. He’s very tame and responds to whistling with a whistle.
Contact Ziyaad on 083 222 9174 / Ziyaad@oltio.com

LOST – 21 January 2015: Primrose, Germiston. Gouldian finch. Young male, green body with grey face.
Contact Pieter on 082 822 9852 / pbreedt@yahoo.com

LOST – 16 January 2015: Meyersdal . Full white Ringneck named Jasper. There is a reward if found. I would love to have my boy back.
Contact Carina on 084 528 9010 / Carina.pixie@gmail.com

LOST – 14 January 2015: 15th Avenue, Edenvale. Galah Cockatoo flew away. A reward is offered.
Contact Dalene on 082 496 4894 / dehaasa@sentech.co.za

LOST – Tuesday 13th January 2015: Edenvale . Our tame Galah parrot, rose fronted and grey Head and back feathers, flew off late afternoon. Reward offered! Desperate!
Thank you so much. Contact Allan and Dee on 071 171 6149 / Allmkap@outlook.com

LOST – 4-01-2015: Beverley Gardens Randburg. Please help me find my very special Rose Breasted Cockatoo, who took fright and flew out of our house on Sunday 4th January. We are terribly worried about her and offer a reward for her return. Her body is a beautiful, fairly bright, pink colour and she has grey wings. She has a ring around her leg with a unique number on it. Contact Charmaine Lautre on 082 923 5200 / charmaine@refinery.co.za

FOUND – 06/01/2014: Northriding, Randburg, Johannesburg. Found a nice parrot on my property. If you can prove he/she is yours, and I will want to see your bird cage in your house and you will have to give me info on the parrot you lost before I hand it over, then I will return it. Contact Trevor on 082 469 5669 / turbobreeze@iburst.co.za

LOST – 31 December 2014: East Lynne, Pretoria. African Grey disappeared on 31 December 2014. She is called Ozzy. Some phrases are “gaan die kind slaap?” (when it is time to sleep), “Daina”, “Dexter” etc. Contact Christo Deysel on 083 757 5549 / cgdeysel@gmail.com

LOST – 29 December 2014: Pietermaritzburg North. Duchess is half of a pair of 6 year old Goffin Cockatoos which we recently adopted. She is hand-reared and tame, although highly strung. Duchess is very affectionate, responds to “jump-jump” and entirely human dependent. The birds are not common in South Africa, and require a special diet. She is not fit, and nor will she be able to fly long distances, having been caged for so long. We are offering a substantial reward for her safe return. Thank you so much for your help! Contact Donnette Fry on 074 737 2729 / 081 270 1747 / donnette64@gmail.com

LOST – 21 December 2014: Kyalami. Sulpher crested Cockatoo (white bird with a yellow crest – size of a grey lourie) flew into a tall tree at Kyalami estates. He has a steel ring on his leg. We are desperate to get him back and there is a reward on offer. Contact Anina de Haas on 083 616 0383 / dehaasa@sentech.co.za

FOUND – 17 Dec 2014: Thabazimbi – Marakele. Don’t know species. Type of parrot. Greenish with red face. Contact I Helberg on 082 313 6691 / ihelberg@vodamail.co.za

LOST – 10 November 2014: Kharwastan, Chatsworth. Lost Grey cockatiel with yellow face and red cheeks. Loves to whistle. Miss him. Contact N. Moodley on 084 446 6019 / moodleyn20@ukzn.ac.za

LOST – 06/07/2014: Midrand. 2 x Green Indian Ringnecks (1-1). Contact Cobus on 083 518 7157 / cobusm@gmail.com

FOUND – 16/11/2014: Weltevreden Park. FOUND African Grey parrot, good condition, in Weltevreden Park. Has a ring on it’s leg. Contact Lisa Jeuniaux on 082 875 0822 / lisa.gabrielle2006@gmail.com

LOST – 09 November 2014: Durban Queensburgh. My African Grey went missing from the Malvern/Queensburgh area in Durban. He is very tame have a red tail and is grey in colour. His name is Bekkie and he is two and a half years old. He talks very well. Contact Brenda on 083 230 1727 / brendavb23@gmail.com

FOUND – 23 October 2014: Edenvale. Found a cockatiel in Dowerglen, he is tame and talks. Contact Price on 082 616 1072 / fairwayfourie@vodamail.co.za

LOST – 08/11/2014: Bryanston. Four-month old turquoise ringneck got out of our house on Coventry Road in Bryanston at 09:00 this morning. Please contact me if you find him. Contact Tammy Greer on 076 627 0075 / tamaryngreer@gmail.com

FOUND – 24 October 2014: Durbanville. Green Indian ringnecked parakeet found on 24 October. It is very tame & sociable and has a leg ring with a number for identification. Contact Veronica Boast on 021 976 1731 / vboast@hotmail.com

LOST – Saturday 1 November 2014: Higgnet Road, Bluff. Missing much loved budgie (green) – escaped from cage Saturday 1 Nov 2014. Contact Neil Hazell on 082 417 6764 / neilehazell@mweb.co.za

FOUND – 31 Oct 14: Westville Dawncliffe. Found a green invasive rose ringed Parakeet in Westville Dawncliffe area. Contact Greg Reeve on 083 779 5277 / greg@transpec.co.za

LOST – 24 October 2014: Overport, North Ridge Road. My African Grey Parrot flew away on Friday 24 October 2014. I have made flyers and put them up in the area, I also phoned the SPCA and my Vet and Vets that are in the area but I have not had a response. He is 4 years old, he does speak, he calls Mark and says good night Mommy see you tomorrow and also when we walk in the door he says hello, when Mark is not home he does say “Mark’s coming now” Those are the important words he does say. His name is Rocco. Contact Debbie on 083 737 4192 / debbiel@cog.co.za

LOST – 2 months ago: Westbrook, Tongaat area. Please please help me find my Twinkie or Tweety: Tweety is a pearl male cockatiel and Twinkie is a female normal grey cockatiel. I love and miss them a lot and I pray that they are found. Contact Nehal on 083 490 4019 / Nehalramjas86@gmail.com

FOUND – 13 October: Welgelegen, Parow. Found green budgie. Contact Ilse on 082 445 7639 / Inmaree@mweb.co.za

LOST – 29/09/2014: Randburg. Huge reward offered for our green Indian ringneck that flew away. Money no issue on this finding please. Contact Anthony Rudlin on 082 304 0831 / anthonyrudlin@gmail.com

LOST – 3 August 2014: Wits University, West Campus Parktown. Albert is a female African Grey named Albert. She is +- 3 years old, unclipped. She speaks fairly well about Claude, Sharon, Claudia and Nicolas, going to Florida, Bye Albert, night, night. She is irreplaceable, and we miss her very much, so please let her come home. Please contact Sharon 082 514 7334 or Claude 082 905 9252 if you know where she is. Breed Parrot (Parrot) Colour Grey (Red) Gender Female Size Medium. Contact Sharon Vergie on 082 514 7334 / sharonvergie181@gmail.com

LOST – 2014/10/01: Gresswold/Savoy/Kew. Blue Indian Ringneck (Semi Tame). Last seen in Gallo Manor Wednesday 2014/10/01. Black ring around neck and ID ring around one leg. Reward offered if found. Contact Dean on 083 383 2386 / deankoupe@gmail.com

LOST – 17 September 2014: Bonaeropark ext 3. Lost yellow female ringneck. She is not tame and is part of a breeding pair. Contact Chantelle Teixeira on 083 280 9519 / chantelletex83@gmail.com

LOST – 14/09/14: Westville, Durban. 2 Budgies – Green and yellow. Reward offered. Contact Nivard on 083 789 9909 / nlbahadur@yahoo.com

FOUND – 05/09/14: Randburg. Found ringneck (green) very friendly! Contact Fernridge Vet on 011 787 9700 / clinic@fernvet.co.za

FOUND – 28-08-2014: Vaaltriangle. Found “nonnetjie uil”. Contact Wil-Mari on 079 155 9411 / wilmiehuysamen@gmail.com

LOST – 10 August 14: Durban North. My daughter lost her 2.5month old Senegal Parrot and is devastated. He flew out window. Please help as she hand reared her. Thanks. Contact Leisa Jones on 082 853 1345 / leisa.jones@reycljunction.co.za

LOST – 04/08/2014: Randburg, Bryanston, Joburg North. Cape parrot lost. Medium sized. Green body, grey head with orange top feathers. Crooked left claw. Named Casey. Reward offered. Contact Be Elsworth on 078 225 6964 / Baecoza@gmail.com

LOST – 01/08/2014: Bloemfontein. Lost Blue Headed pionus, flew away 1 Aug 2014,in Langenhoven park, Bloemfontein. About a year old, blue head, green feathers with red under tail. Answers to the name Axle. Please contact me if you find him. Contact Lee Gladwin on 082 064 7427 / lee.gladwin@centralnissan.co.za

LOST – 19/07/14: Highlandhills/Hatton Estate in Pinetown. Lost African Grey. Small in size. Extremely talkative and likes dogs. Answers to the name of Murphy. R1000 reward. Contact Anton Volker on 083 998 7220 / kirlee1@gmail.com

FOUND – 2 July 2014: Pietermaritzburg, Lincoln Meade/Hayfields. Yellow male Budgie found in Lincoln Mead near Hayfields. Contact Langa Nxumalo on 071 165 5275 / 033 396 3016 / khainxu@gmail.com

LOST – 24/04/2014: Darling, Western Cape. My beloved Goffin’s Cockatoo, Harry, went missing from our home in Darling, Western Cape. Large Reward offered for his return. Contact Timonette Hammond on 083 567 7258 / timonette.hammond@media24.com

LOST – 29/06/2014: Reitondale, Pretoria East. Lost Senegal parrot, please if you see or hear anything. She responds to Walt Disney’s whistle tune. Contact Kevin Holden on 082 784 2128 / rarebot420@gmail.com

LOST – 18 May 2014: Randburg. A reward is offered of R2,000.00 for the safe return of Beauty our African Grey Parrot. She flew away on 18 May 2014 from Kensington B, Randburg. She has a leg ring to help with identification. Contact Stephanie Gilbert on 083 732 1876 / steph.gilbert120@gmail.com

FOUND – 24/06/2014: Wembley/Clarendon, PMB. A single adult male Grey-headed Parrot is hanging around Wembley/Clarendon, Pietermaritzburg. The bird was first seen on 29 May 2014, and was originally mistaken for a Cape Parrot. Photos were taken of the bird recently and it became clear that it is a Grey-headed escapee. Has anyone lost a bird recently? The bird is still seen on a regular basis in the suburbs. Contact Ben Smit on smitbe@gmail.com

LOST – 10/05/2014: Westville, Durban. Lost African Grey in Westville area. Not hand reared but is rung with silver close band ring. I have the ring details. Contact Zaheer on 072 931 0587 / dominionoutfitters@telkomsa.net

LOST – 7/6/2014: Miramar. Lost Ruppells parrot in Port Elizabeth, please contact me if seen. Contact Jared on 084 700 9432 / jaredbrucestrydom@gmail.com

LOST – 06/06/2014: Khyber Rock. Barney is a timid Severe Macaw. He flew off in a westerly direction on Friday night. Any help finding him would be much appreciated! REWARD OFFERED!
Contact Grant on 083 406 5732 / grantjankes@hotmail.com

LOST – 5 June 2014: High Constantia (Cape Town). My Greenwing macaw flew away Thursday morning. On Friday (6 June) she was found in a tree, but too high up and we couldn’t get to her. She hasn’t been seen since. Please phone me if you see her! I’m desperate to have her home! Rewards offered! Contact Annette Cartwright on 083 288 4842 / anneriedw@gmail.com

FOUND – 19 May 2014: Weltevredenpark. African Grey parrot (red tail) found on 19 May 2014 at Palmiet Avenue, Weltevredenpark. If you think it may be your bird, please call Anina on 083 616 0383 / anina@universalwellness.co.za

FOUND – 18 May 2014: Harmelia Edenvale Gauteng. I found a racing Pigeon last night in the middle of the road. It doesn’t appear to be injured. He/she is absolutely beautiful. I have googled many sites for assistance, Mr Carstens from Fancy Pigeon club gave me Willie Van Den Burg’s telephone number but the number does not exist. The bird has an orange/red colour ring. Contact Leigh-ann Nash on 082 525 2398 / leigh@foodx.co.za

LOST – 6 May 2014: Randpark Ridge. Female African Grey (grey bird with red tail feathers) flew away from Gardenia Street in Randpark Ridge Ext. 41. Not very tame with strangers, but talks a lot. We are very worried about her – HUGE REWARD OFFERED!. Contact Anina de Haas on 083 616 0383 / anina@universalwellness.co.za

LOST – 26 April 2014: Kirstenhof/ Tokai. My Senegal Parrot Stomp flew away. He is very tame. He has only one toe on his right foot. He is ringed. I am willing to pay R1000 for his return.
Many thanks. Contact Danielle on 083 707 0767 / isifuture@iafrica.com

FOUND – 08.05.2014: William Moffett, Fairview. African Grey found on William Moffett, Fairview, Port Elizabeth on 08.05.2014. Please contact should you have lost your bird.
Identification will be required as it has a ring with ID number. Contact Megan on 082 825 8246 / megan.go@tavcor.co.za

LOST – 04/05/2014: Durban , Phoenix. Lost our sun conure, very tame and answers to Sunny, a reward of R1000 is offered for his safe return. Contact Daniel on 072 288 2741 / danielchetty898@gmail.com

FOUND – 03 May 2014: Fairland, Johannesburg. Found and captured a lovebird in our garden – green body, red face, blue tail. It is ringed. Please phone if you think it is yours and want it back. Contact Ellen on 083 785 2524 / ellen.kamman@gmail.com

FOUND – 22 April 2014: Observatory, Cape Town. Found a Blue Indian Ring Neck parrot. Not very tame. Has a ring with ID number. Please contact me if you think it is your pet. Contact Karen Mansfield on 083 708 3216 / karenmansfieldsproperties@gmail.com

LOST – 23/04/2014: Cape town, Atlantic Seaboard. My 3 month old African Grey flew off this morning. It is a Congo African Grey. He went in the direction of Fresnay camps bay from sea point. Reward is offered. Contact Hein van Deventer on 071 360 8482 / niceoneleroy@hotmail.com

LOST – 20 April 2014: Northcliff, Johannesburg. LOST an AFRICAN GREY PARROT – grey with RED TAIL.
The parrot is lost in Johannesburg – Northcliff area on 20 April 2014. Offering a R 3000 REWARD for his safe return. Contact Oksana on 082 829 1847 / jetskibm@iafrica.com

LOST – 4 April 2014: Bassonia Johannesburg. My parrot flew away on 4 April She is not particularly friendly but if you see her please contact me, I am really worried about her. She is green blue and mauve with a black beak. She has a ring but I don’t have the number. If found I will offer a reward. Contact Vanessa Kohler on 079 750 1664 / vkohler507@gmail.com

FOUND – 11/04/2014: Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria. very tame ring neck parakeet found in Waterkloof Ridge. Contact Barbara Puren on 084 029 0363 / barbarapuren@polka.co.za

LOST – 5th April 2014: Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria. Female Hahns Macaw, (small green parrot with red “shoulders”) Her name is Bikkie. Her wings are not clipped, she is not tame but does talk. Contact Barbara Puren on 084 029 0363 / barbarapuren@polka.co.za

FOUND – 30 March 2014: Midrand. I’ve found a yellowish ringneck in the Midrand area. Contact Nicky on 011 709 8771 / alite1@hotmail.com

LOST – 15 March 2014: Brackenfell (Morgenster). Lost my Senegal Parrot “Proppie” on Saturday morning. He got a fright and flew away and I am really sad and worried about him. He has a ring but I don’t have the number. Contact Zay on 083 633 4567 / briemaliem@gmail.com

LOST – 14 February 2014: Amandasig, Akasia, Pretoria. We have lost our African Grey on Valentines day. Her name is Lente. She is grey in color with a red tail. Unfortunately no ring or other markings. Any info will be appreciated. Contact Erich on 060 622 7120 / info@cyruspls.co.za

FOUND – 23/02/2014: Rooihuiskraal Centurion. Found green, orange and grey Senegal Parrot in Centurion. Please contact me to retrieve your bird. Confirmation of ring will be needed. Contact Nicolette Kleynhans on 082 417 6161 / sassycrax@gmail.com

LOST – 9/12/2013: Bellville. My ringneck Mollie flew away on the night of 9/12/2013 if anybody found him please I miss him a lot. Contact Stella Coetzee on 084 791 5748 / coetzees@vodamail.co.za

FOUND – 09/01/2014: Valhalla. Found a parrot in my backyard. The ring code is 8 09 EJG. Unfortunately the parrot is dead. Contact Francois on 082 460 6738 / frs1@vodamail.co.za

FOUND – 05.01.2014: Alexandra. An African Grey in my backyard, desperately want to go back home, arrange with me to get it. Contact Joe on 074 478 5594 / TshikeNM@eskom.co.za

LOST – 2 January 2013: Plattekloof, Cape Town. Lost Sun Conure. Orange in colour with green wings. Her name is Bo and has a ring on her leg which has a number engraved on it. Reward of R1000 offered. Contact Ivy on 073 549 7246 / 081 356 8024 / ivanna.chetty@gmail.com

LOST – 29/12/2013: Protea Village Brackenfell. Lost my blue ringneck today. He has a black ring around his neck, he is moulting so looking a little tattered. His name is Skye. Contact Adele on 082 973 4174 / singingmar@gmail.com

LOST – 21/12/2013: Durbanville, Western Cape. LOST – 3 x RUPPELL’S PARROTS MAIN COLOUR GREY SECONDARY COLOUR – BLUE & YELLOW. Contact André Truter on 082 211 2799 / roneltruter@mweb.co.za

FOUND – 13/12/2013: Diep River. FOUND INDIAN RINGNECK. A full accurate description/proof will be needed before I return him/her. Contact Kaitlyn on 084 305 2600 / kaitlynrogers@ymail.com

LOST – 14/12/2013: Glen Austen, Midrand. Lost a white Goffins cockatoo. Reward offered if found. Contact Ilonka Macdougall on 079 948 4404 / bobimacd@iclod.com

LOST – 16/12/2013: Constantia. African grey. Contact Mark on 083 377 6849 / mark@mvend.co.za

FOUND – 10/12/2013: Pretoria Noord. Blou (jong) Ringnekkie wat gering is. Kontak Lynette by 082 324 2360 / thinusenlynette@vodamail.co.za

LOST – 7 December 2013: Meerensee Richards Bay. Our Galah male, ringed, went missing out of his cage while feeding them at Highwater Meerensee. Reward offered if found. Contact Jan Beetge on 083 785 1552 / janb@teuscher.co.za

FOUND – 06 December 2013: Vredehoek,Cape Town 8001. Senegal, very tame. feathers on wings are cut, but grew to make it possible for him/her to take off. Contact Eugene Keyter on 082 468 4367 / eugene.keyter@kingsley.co.za

LOST – 22/11/13: Woodlands, Durban. My sun conure flew away 22/11/13 in the woodlands area. She is bright yellow, with green wing tips and tail and orange face. She is very tame. If you have seen her or found her please let me know. There is a cash reward for her return. Contact Kylee Botha on 076 442 3490 / kylee.botha@gmail.com

LOST – 05/12/2013: Ruimsig AH, West Rand. We lost our blue and gold macaw in the early afternoon of Thursday, 05 December 2013. Reward offered if returned safe! Thank you. Contact Carla on 083 327 9746 / carlaprice@mweb.co.za

FOUND – 8/12/2013: Hoheizen, Bellville. Parakeet. Contact M van der Berg on 076 399 6920 / mariska.vanderberg@gmail.com

FOUND – 5 December 2013: Glenwood, Durban. Found a male cockatiel in Glenwood area, Durban. Very friendly and likes attention. Contact Vanessa on 083 776 1131 / vanstainbank@gmail.com

LOST – 07/12/2013: Hillcrest, KZN. Our African grey Parrot went missing in the Hillcrest/ Waterfall area in KZN. He has dark grey feathers and a red tail and is medium in size. Any information will be greatly appreciated as we are desperate to get him back. **CASH reward**. Contact Paula Vermaak on 072 225 0508 / Johan on 071 472 5922 / vermaakpr@gmail.com

FOUND – 24 November 2013: Ferndale, Brackenfell. Found a grey indian ringneck. He/She has not been caught but I have lured him/her to my house by feeding it parrot seeds. It is there every morning and night and sleeps in my neighbours tree.. Contact Amelia on 082 464 5385 / amelia@propell.co.za

FOUND – 3rd December 2013: Claremont. I found a well fed brown pigeon in an atrium where I live. It has ring on its leg. Contact Sasha on 079 073 6428 / saska.skutnik@gmail.com

LOST – 23 November 2013: Edenvale Gauteng. Small Timneh African Grey. No nails on left toes. Answers to Greystone. Contact Pamela on 083 229 2286 / cd1184@ananzi.co.za

LOST – 18 november 2013: Sea Point, Cape Town. My Male Green Eclectus parrot was STOLEN out of my vehicle in his small white carrier cage (with blue base). He is 4 years old and has some missing feathers in chest region. He also has a skew beak. Gentle amazing bird. I am offering R1000 reward for his return. Contact Kevin Ruck on 082 458 3774 / kevin@ruck.co.za

LOST – 10 November 2013: Kenridge. My Blue Male Ringneck went missing in Kenridge. He has a black ring around his neck and knows how to say “hello”. His also got a short tail as he is growing new tail feathers. Contact Angela on 079 524 3500 / hradmin@maverick-mtn.com

LOST – 1 November 2013: Kraaifontein. Goffin Cockatoo lost in Dorp Street (stolen). His name is COCO – very talkative and will call his lady friend DIDI. His wings are clipped and he is very lovable. REWARD WILL BE PAID. Contact ROLETTA VAN ZYL on 082 412 1222 / zettas@iburst.co.za

LOST – 3/11/13: Alberton, Generaal Alberts Park. Baby greygreen (olive) Indian Ringneck flew away. Cannot eat on it’s own yet. (Came out of the nest last week.) Reward offered for safe return. Contact Magrietha Mynhardt on 084 582 5371 / moekie@axxess.co.za

LOST – 18/10/13: Phesantekraal, Cape Town. My Jardine parrot flew away this evening. Her name is Polly and she has a green coat with a little orange on the head. She is a young adult. Her wings are not clipped. Polly has a ring with a cellphone number on it. Contact Malcolm Shirley on 076 367 4732 / olbigmouth@gmail.com

LOST – 12 October 2013: Woodview (Phoenix). Blue Indian Ringneck. His name is Coco and says “Hello Coco”. He is very friendly. A reward of R1000 is offered. Contact 083 780 6112 (Jakes) / 073 936 5001 (Sahista) / 031 505 6112 / sahistag@yahoo.com

FOUND – 14 Oct 2013: Claremont, Cape. Yellow canary with red ID band. Contact Ali on 082 772 9200 / Ali@loftliving.co.z

LOST – 14 October 2013: Durban North. 7 month old African Grey. Zack is grey and has a red tail. His wings are not clipped. Contact Leah on 082 650 8448 / predhie.naidoo@

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