A Guide to Gouldian Finches and Their Mutations Revised Edition


  • Visual Differences Between the Sexes
  • Nutrition
  • Quarantine
  • Compatibility and Regulating the Breeding Season

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Russell Kingston, well-known aviculturist and finch breeder, has presented an informative and highly readable text that is lavishly supported with superb colour photographs.
Details of each species includes visual differences between the sexes.
General topics include Acquiring Birds, Quarantine, Nutrition, Housing, Compatibility and Regulating the Breeding Season, to name just a few. A must for every finch breeder’s library


In The Wild – Taxonomy; Distribution; Field Description
Housing – Regions; Structures; Materials; Nesting; Temperature Control; Transportation; Carry Boxes; Quarantine
Nutrition – Diets; Supplements; Softfoods; Sprouted Seeds; Dry Seed
Breeding – Stock Selection; Pairs; Preparation; Egg Laying and Incubation; Nestlings; Breeding Mutations
Mutations – Varying Mutations; Recessive Inheritance Table; Colour Mutations; Genetic Inheritance; Gene Action; Pigmentation and Colour Production; Head Colours; Body Colour; Rare Mutations; Colour Combinations
Health and Disease – Natural Behaviour; Disease; Prevention; Diagnosis; Diseases and Disorders

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