A Guide to Grey Parrots as Pet and Aviary Birds (Soft Cover)


  • Selection and Purchase
  • Pet characteristics and traits
  • Enrichment and Mental Stimulation
  • General Care
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This superb colourful title authored by Rosemary Low, includes 168 pages of comprehensive information on this species in the wild and in captivity as an aviary and companion bird. The title features colour photographs throughout.


In the Wild
Worldwide Trade
Physical Characteristics
Colour Mutations
Abnormal Colouration

In Captivity

Accomodation for Breeding Pairs – Outdoor Aviaries; Indoor Breeding Cages; Security
Breeding – Pairs; Risks; Diets; Nesting; Development; Feather Plucking of Young; Breeder Experiences
Handrearing – Environment; Chicks; Feeding; Temperatures; Development; Weight; Weaning; Socialisation
A Healthy Diet – Seeds; Pellets; Fruits and Vegetables; Sprouts; Nuts; Grit; Vitamins and Mineral

As Companion Birds

Selection and Purchase
Preparing a Home for your New Pet
Enrichment and Mental Stimulation – Foraging; Toys; Flight; Behaviour Training
General Care – Nail; Beak; Wing; Microchipping; Travelling
Pet Characteristics and Traits
Talking and Mimicry
Parrot Behaviour – Dominance; Punishment; Rewards
Common Behavioural Problems – Screaming; Feather Plucking

Disease and Disorders

Dietary Deficiencies
Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease

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