A Guide to Pet and Companion Birds


  • Bringing your Bird Home
  • Types of Cage
  • Keeping Your Bird Fit
  • Training
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This informative and often amusing ‘introduction to bird keeping’ appeals not only to the novice or want-to-be bird keeper, but also to the seasoned aviculturist looking for a refresher on the basics. Based on the authors’ combined 30 years of bird keeping experience, this guide walks you through the process of selecting a bird right for you, caring for that bird, and understanding its behaviour.

This 96 page full colour book also guides you through the growing pains of increasing your bird family, including what to do when your birds have gone forth and multiplied. All in all, the authors help you to create a happy and healthy environment so bird keeping will always be pleasurable.


Pet Care
Why in Heavens Would Anyone Want a Bird for a Pet?
– What Responsibilities?
Making a Natural Selection – Choosing Your Bird; Information Sources
Bringing Your Bird Home
Bird Keeping – A Family Affair – Children and other Pets
All to do With the Cage – Types; Placement; Entertainment
What’s on the Menu? – Seed; Pellet; Storage; Recipes
Attending to Your Bird’s Personal Grooming – Nail and Wing Trimming
Keeping Bird-fit – Cleaning; Illness
The Not-So-Secret Language of Birds – Rejection; Vocal and Body Language
Low Risk Bird Handling – Routine; Commands; Restraint; Preening
Training – Tricks; Tiolet Training
Did Someone Say I Have a Behavioural Problem? – Screaming; Biting; Feather Picking
Increasing Your Flock – Introductions; Quarantine
Aviculturist Responsibilities as a Whole
Parts of a Typical Parrot

– What Responsibilities? – Choosing Your Bird; Information Sources – Children and other Pets – Types; Placement; Entertainment – Seed; Pellet; Storage; Recipes – Nail and Wing Trimming – Cleaning; Illness – Rejection; Vocal and Body Language – Routine; Commands; Restraint; Preening – Tricks; Tiolet Training – Screaming; Biting; Feather Picking – Introductions; Quarantine

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