Avizandum March 2018


March 2018 issue out now!
56 full colour pages with up-to-date information on:

  • Hand-rearing: Some simple Basics
  • Keeping and Breeding the Spice Finch
  • Household dangers and sensible precautions
  • Green-naped Lorikeets
  • Breeding the Goffins Cockatoo.. notes from the aviary
  • Breeding Yellow-faced Parrotlets
  • The Red-billed Blue Magpie
  • A bit about grit – do birds need it?
  • Parrot breeding and training at Loro Parque
  • Different Cockatoo Crest types
  • Rosemary Low and Marcia Weintzettl join the IX International Parrot Convention
  • Colony breeding Budgies – Paradise or Purgatory?

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56 full colour pages with up-to-date information on:

  • Avian Management
  • Breeding of Parrots, Finches and other species of birds
  • Health and Disease
  • Nutrition and Feeding
  • Latest News and Conservation
  • Bird Products for Sale
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