Lories and Lorikeets—A Focus on the Brush-tongued Parrots (DVD)


  • Running time 55 minutes
  • Loriinae and their life in the wild
  • Most comprehensive DVD produced on Lories and Lorikeets
  • Never been seen before footage
  • Remarkable species such as the Ultramarine Lorikeet filmed

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Lories and Lorikeets

Peter Odekerken has a real passion and talent for still photography and in more recent years he has captured many parrot and finch species in both their wild habitat and captivity on high definition video.

A perfectionist in his art, Peter has arranged some wonderful footage in his new work Lories and Lorikeets—A Focus on the Brush-tongued Parrots.

Some may have viewed Peter’s previous DVD featuring some of the lories, lorikeets and other parrots in A Selection of Lories, Fig Parrots and Hanging Parrots. However, this new DVD, with a running time of 55 minutes, focuses on the Loriinae family in its entirety.
These species have developed brush-like filaments—papillae—on their tongues as an adaptation to their nectar and pollen food source and, as Peter shows, some species have developed particularly long tongues for this purpose.

The Loriinae members are vivacious flocking species and Peter has captured much of their playful antics in the wild, portraying their joyful personalities and colour as they forage and bathe amongst foliage. I particularly enjoyed seeing the Tahiti Blue Lories feeding on banana flowers and playing together, and the beauty of the Ultramarine Lory.

To cite a few snippets of the journey through the various habitats in the Loriinae range—the highlands of Papua New Guinea, habitat of the Stella’s, Emerald, Mussenbroek, Fairy and Goldies; Fiji, home to the rare and nearly extinct Red-throated Lorikeet; and in Australia, near Inverell, close-ups of Blakely’s Redgum nest sites occupied by Musk and Little Lorikeets.

Following the wild habitat journey Peter focuses on these parrots in captivity outlining suitability, housing complexes, aviary styles and sizes, nestbox designs, walkways, sprinkler systems, rodent proofing and all the necessary furnishings to effectively manage these birds. Some great ideas have also been captured from complexes around the world.

Husbandry aspects include Peter’s personal daily food mixture and other dietary items while breeding footage provides an insight into handrearing techniques and chick development.

Finally Peter presents a showcase of specific species within the various genera—Chalcopsitta, Eos, Pseudos, Trichoglossus, Psitteuteles, Glossopsitta, Vini, Phygis, Lorius, Charmosyna, detailing their distribution. In the Black-capped group there is a rare image of the cyanuchen subspecies from Biak Island.

Most aviculturists will not have seen many of the species featured—such as the Josephine’s, Duchess, Red-chinned, Striated, Red-flanked and Red-fronted Lorikeets or the Melanistic Papian Lory. Throughout this DVD you can view all the species of Loriinae.

For those who have seen any of Peter’s other DVDs which include South American Parrots and other parrots and finches from around the world, this is a definite to add to the collection.

In my mind this is one of the most complete DVD’s Peter has ever produced to date.

Reviewed by Sheryll Steele-Boyce


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