Budgies and Cockatiels

June 2021

11/06/2021: Wanted / Gesoek
Baby budgies just out out of the nest,
eating on their own.
Contact Sandy Cosgrave 0844206848 / sandycosgrave@yahoo.com

09/06/2021: Wanted / Gesoek
1-1 brpr Cockatiels
Contact Andre 0624884453 / adejong387@gmail.com

April 2021

31/05/2021: For Sale / Te Koop
Self-sufficient Hand reared cockatiels
Contact Ilyaas 0832886517 / ilyaasdadabhay@gmail.com

28/05/2021: Wanted / Gesoek
Baby cockatiel to hand rear.
Preferably around east rand nigel, springs & alberton.
Contact Chantelle Bezuidenhout 0677627642 / chantsbez.cb14@gmail.com

22/05/2021: Wanted / Gesoek
blue and yellow budgies
(hand reared or tame babies)
Contact Dominique 0832005565 / gracekerry86@gmail.com

13/05/2021: Wanted / Gesoek
0-0-2 cockatiels – one pied and one pearl
(hand reared) Roodepoort area.
Contact Caryn on Whatsapp 0828256130

22/04/2021: Wanted / Gesoek
1-0 Orange wing amazon
Contact Garith 0810487211 / garithnewby@yahoo.com

22/04/2021: Wanted / Gesoek
0-1 White fronted Amazon hen Mature.
0-1 Miele Amazon hen Mature.
0-1 Yellow Naped Amazon Mature
Contact Dean 082 579 6924. JHB

22/04/2021: Wanted / Gesoek
1-0 Mature blue fronted amazon
Preferably a breeding one.
Contact Eliphas 0798936383 / eliphas@easyhatch.co.za

22/04/2021: Wanted / Gesoek
0-1 Blue fronted Amazon
Contact Jan 0609613372 / janc@erdfab.co.za

22/04/2021: For Sale / Te Koop
0-0-1 Orange wing Amazon baby
(3-4 month old, not sexed,
on Avi-plus handrearing formula,
starting to chew and eat Avi plus pellets now.
Beautiful bird) R5000.00
Contact Gerhard 0787998586 / gdewaal78@gmail.com

22/04/2021: For Sale / Te Koop
2-1 Double Yellow Headed Amazon
(2020 youngsters, beautiful feather coloring)
Contact Shareena on 0815608572

22/04/2021: Wanted / Gesoek
0-0-1 Blue head amazon, Hahn’s or Illiger Macaw
Will be satisfied if still on last feed for binding reasons.
Bird is for joining my family.
I live in Cape Town region.
Contact Shahied 0713427036 / Dshahied@ymail.com

22/04/2021: For Sale / Te Koop
6 Orange Winged Amazons (2017, unsexed)
Contact Gert Eastes 0827448055 / gert101eastes@gmail.com

22/04/2021: Wanted / Gesoek
1-0 Mature Yellow Naped Amazon
c/b s/s 8 years old (Glossy right eye).
To swop for a Blue and Gold Macaw
082 579 6924 Dean JHB

22/04/2021: Wanted / Gesoek
0-1 Cockatiel (hand tamed preferably)
Contact David Oeschger 27762130716 / david@o-tech.co.za

March 2021

17/03/2021: For sale/Te koop:
Baby Cockatiels R300.00 each.
Freestate / Gauteng area.
Contact Annamarie on 0738362287

17/03/2021: For Sale / Te Koop
Cockatiel tame babies R250.00;
Budgies tame babies R150.00.
I am located in Klerksdorp North West.
Contact me on 0844523205

10/03/2021: Wanted / Gesoek
Cockatiels (hand tame babies)
Call 0833633603 Durban Chatsworth
Contact bila cassim on 0833633603 / bilalcas63@gmail.com

10/03/2021: For sale/Te koop:
Cockatiel babies R500.00 for white;
R400.00 for pied call 0833633603

February 2021

05/03/2021: Wanted / Gesoek:
1-0 White face cockatiel
Marlene 0739669160

05/03/2021: For Sale / Te Koop:
Budgies (handreared) R120.00
1-1 brpr budgies from R250.00
1-1 brpr show budgies R550.00
Based in Durban KZN
Contact Pet Purr’fect 0676853337 / petpurrfectsa@gmail.com

05/03/2021: Wanted / Gesoek:
0-0-2 hand reared cockatiels.
I don’t mind driving to North West or Mpumplanga.
I am based in Joburg.
Contact Caryn on 0828256130 / Cazleigh2012@gmail.com

23/02/2021: For Sale / Te Koop:
Show Budgies/Full Crested Budgies
Mature and young 2020/2021
Birds Full Crested Budgies Also Available.
All C/B Healthy Birds Bred From Good Line
Contact Jaffer on 0838971873 / hjaff1982@gmail.com

23/02/2021: Wanted / Gesoek:
1-0-1 Mutation kokketiel
Contact Maryna on 0619336791 / saartjie1949@outlook.com

08/02/2021: For sale/Te koop:
Show budgies pairs from R400.00
Loose males from R200.00
Various mutations.
We also specialize in Fallow Show Budgies.
Kaiden Cell: 061 526 7641.
Prefer Whatsapp or SMS.
k.chetty0805@gmail.com. Centurion


28/01/2021: Wanted/Gesoek:
German Rollers & Waterslagers

10/01/2021: For sale/Te koop:
Pastelface pied cockatiel baby
(for handrearing) R400.00
Kriel Mpumalanga


26/12/2020: For sale/Te koop:
Various colours
Contact Carrie on 0607657187 / carriebotha1@gmail.com

26/12/2020: For sale/Te koop:
0-0-1 Cockatiel White faced heavy pied
Saddleback (handreared) R850.00;
0-0-1 Cockatiel Albino from Pearl
Saddleback parents R750.00.
Contact ESBC on 0766526435 / esbcjnbdontusepse@gmail.com

26/12/2020: Wanted/Gesoek:
1-0 cockatiel (hand reared).
Contact Matthew Levin on 0714019304 / matthewdraft@gmail.com

15/12/2020: For sale/Te koop:
H/R Cockatiels
Cream face Cinnamon Pied R450.00
Cinnamon Pearl Pied R400.00
Saddleback Cinnamon Creamface R450.00
Fawn Cinnamon Pied R350.00
Grey Pied Whiteface split INO R400.00
Based in Westville, Durban.
Contact Fahima Khan on 0769786884 / syedfahima@gmail.com


23/11/2020: For sale/Te koop:
30+ cockatiels.
Various types and ages.
From R200.00 ea/ R400.00 pair.
Will also consider trades for some of them.
Contact Lee on 0780196468 / Westendpetfarm@gmail.com

12/11/2020: For sale/Te koop:
Show Budgies Hens and Cocks (C/B) R400.00 Each;
Crested Budgies R500.00 each.
Contact Hicmet Jaffer on 0838971873 / hjaff1982@gmail.com


29/10/2020: For sale/Te koop:
Whitefaces R300.00;
Whiteface Cinnamon R300.00;
Pastle Faces R370.00;
Albinos R400.00;
Creamfaces R450.00.
They are all 2020 birds, some are related.
Contact Hershwill on 0790604022 / a.hershwill@gmail.com

29/10/2020: For sale/Te koop:
50 budgies R40.00
Marie 0724502342
Desiré 0643077655.

23/10/2020: Wanted/Gesoek:
Young quality show budgies required
Contact Peter on 0763026059 / peter@freebond.co.za

08/10/2020: For sale/Te koop:
Hen show budgies.
Contact Arjun on 0764059492 / prashanarjun@gmail.com

08/10/2020: Wanted/Gesoek:
1-1 Pied/Saddle-back Cockatiels.
ń Enkel hen of kok sal ook doen.
Kontak Elmar by 0761652549
(Port Elizabeth en omliggende areas).


05/10/2020: For sale/Te koop:
3-3 Pairs of budgies
Mossel Bay
Must go together

30/09/2020: For sale/Te koop:
Baby cockatiels for handrearing
R200.00 each (Calls only)

16/09/2020: For sale/Te koop:
10-10 Silver Wing/Powder Blue Budgies R100.00 p/p.
Contact Jan on 0799113368 / izoldepre@hotmail.com

14/09/2020: For sale/Te koop:

Cockatiel babies R250.00
Call 0833633603 (Durban, Chatsworth).

14/09/2020: Wanted/Gesoek:
African Grey
Major Mitchell
Red Tail black
Hawk Head
Greater Sulphur
Triton Cockatoo
Lesser Sulpher
Medium Sulpher
Umbrella Cockatoo
Galah Cockatoo
Queen of Bavari
Blue and Gold
Green Winged
Hahns Macaw
Yellow Collored
Scarlet Macaw
Severe Macaw
Catalina Macaw
Blue Fronted
White Fronted
Double Yellow Headed Amazon
Eclectus Parrots
Sun Conure
White -bellied
Yellow ring-necked
White ring-necked
Rainbow ring-necked
Mixed Ring-necked parakeet
(Blue, grey, turquoise) olive,
cinnamon Green ring-necked
Latino Cockatiels
Mixed cockatiels
Albino Cockatiels
Love bird mix
Fischer love bird
Blue opaline Fischer ewing
Albino lutino Fischer red eyes
KOBUS 0722029139
MIGNON 0824114267

14/09/2020: Wanted/Gesoek:
Show budgies
Cape Town area
Wayne 0716095880 wayneb1488@gmail.com.


13/08/2020: For sale/Te koop:
1-1 brpr split cinnamon Cockatiel;
0-0-2 young cinnamon;
0-0-2 pure white young ones
1-0 loose blue quackery
All for R 1000.00.
Contact Johan on 0716725404 / vanrensburgjvr@gmail.com

13/08/2020: Wanted/Gesoek:
Show budgies
Finch as well
Based in Bluff.
Contact Arjun on 0764059492 / prashanarjun@gmail.com

04/08/2020: Wanted/Gesoek:
2 singing German Rollers.
Contact Ryna du plooy on 0834848996 / duplomc@unisa.ac.za (Pretoria/Centurion area)

04/08/2020: Wanted/Gesoek:
Baby Cockatiel, male or female.
Contact Nicolene Willemse on 0723256449 / nicky.finances@gmail.com

JULY 2020

26/07/2020: For sale/Te koop:
1 Brad pair cockatiel
Split, plus 2 cinnamon en 3 white babies
From them plus 1 blue wacker Male all for R1 500.00.
Contact Johan on 0726806643 / vanrensburgjvr@gmail.com

2020-07-06 Wanted/Gesoek
a young Handreared cockatiel
City/Town:Pretoria area
Contact: Damien Potgieter on 064 659 2398

2020-07-06 For Sale/Te Koop

7 Cockatiels for sale. 2 breading pairs and 3 young.

Price: R1500 for the lot.
Contact: Grant Puchert on 079 464 8189
E-mail: Grantpuchert@gmail.com

2020-07-06 For Sale/Te Koop

Silver Wing/Powder Blue 15 – 15

Price: R100
Contact: Jan on 079 911 3368

2020-07-03  For Sale/Te Koop

Cockatiel babies

Contact: Bilal Cassim on 083 363 3603

JUNE 2020

2020-06-18 For Sale/Te Koop

Does anyone have baby cockatiels available.

Contact: Carol-Ann on 082 416 8847

2020-06-06 For Sale/Te Koop

Crested budgies (3rd generation cross to show budgie)
Show budgies
Yellow lacewing
Violet spangle

frill back crested budgies (3rd generation cross to show budgie

2019 to 2020 birds

Quality birds

Transport available country wide

Whatsapp for more pics and pricing.
Contact: Moe dynamite show poultry on 082 398 6046

2020-06-06 For Sale/Te Koop

Hand reared cockatiels for sale

Transport available country wide
Contact:Moe dynamite show poultry on 082 398 6046

2020-06-02 Wanted/Gesoek

Baby Cockatiel or Indian ring neck
:Sex and mutation does not matter.

City/Town:Centurion/Pretoria East area.
Contact: Jeandre Morgan on 064 320 9772

MAY 2020

2020-05-25 Wanted/Gesoek

Looking for a handreared or baby cockatiel.
If handreared preferably male.
Looking for a cockatiel to give a good loving home..

Contact Monique on moniquedupreez@hotmail.com

2020-05-21 Wanted/Gesoek

Baby cockatiel
:This baby will be spoilt rotten.

Contact Elmine esbach on 082 468 8488

2020-05-19 For Sale/Te Koop

1-1 Budgies Silver Wing/Powder Blue

Price: R100
Contact: Jan on 079 911 3368

2020-05-09 For Sale/Te Koop

A nice bird to handle.

Contact: keanan on 079 874 6343


2020-05-09 For Sale/Te Koop

Breeding pairs of cockatiels for sale
White face pied
White face cinnamon pied
Creamface grey
Creamface pied
Cream face white

R600 per breeding pair

City/Town: KZN
Contact: Feathers on 082 815 5211

April 2020

2020-04-27 Wanted/Gesoek

I am looking for baby budgie, lovebird, or cockatiel that i can raise myself.

City/Town:Pretoria east.
Contact: Armand Buys

2020-04-07 Wanted/Gesoek

Budgies and Cockatiels

Contact: Treven on 066 241 5990


2020-04-07 For Sale/Te Koop

Cockatiels and budgies-Bulk
Contact for price.

Contact: Ricky gouveia on 0793383448


March 2020

2020-03-05 For Sale/Te Koop

Japanese frill budgies 8k a pair

Contact: Muhammed on 0844072702

February 2020

2020-03-03 For Sale/Te Koop

Beautifully colored budgies
Price: R80 each.

Please be aware that the birds are NOT sold with a cage. Please bring your own cage/box. Were used for breeding purposes.

Contact: Trey Naidoo on 0764336311

2020-02-27 Wanted/Gesoek

Young cockatiel/ baby

Contact: Adri Smit on 0823235239

2020-02-24 For Sale/Te Koop

Kokketiel babas
:beskikbaar vir handgrootmaak
:Albino R350 elk
:Lutino R250 elk

City/Town: Kriel Mpumalanga
Contact: Christelle on 0763124438

2020-02-24 For Sale/Te Koop

4 young cockatiels
:2-0 cinnamon
:1-0 white faced
:0-1 normal

Price: R125 each or 400 for the lot.

Contact: Grant on 0794648189

2020-02-11 For Sale/Te Koop

Young tame cockatiels
:White Face grey
:Cream Face Pied
:Cinnamon pearls

Contact: Moe Dynamite Show Poultry on 0823986046

2020-02-04 For Sale/Te Koop

2 Kokketiele
Price: R200.00.

Contact: Hilda on 0832288944

January 2020

2020-01-30 For Sale/Te Koop

Pearl Cockatiel baby available for handrearing

Price: R200

City/Town: Kriel Mpumalanga
Contact: Christelle on 0763124438
E-mail: lperasmus63@gmail.com

2020-01-29 For Sale/Te koop

Creamface,Creamino, Albino Pastel face, Fallow and splits, Various white face, Emerald and splits, Dominat silvers.

City/Town: Centurion.
Contact: Preggy Chetty on 0833754776

2020-01-21 For Sale/Te Koop

Show Budgies
: 2019
:c/r closed
: healthy birds

Contact: Jaffer 083 897 1873


27/12/2019 – For Sale/Te Koop:

Breeding pair cockatiels for sale.
Contact: Liezel Smuts on 0835577490
E-Mail: liezel.smuts@live.co.za

26/12/2019 – For Sale/Te Koop:

Show Budgies
Description: 2019
: closed rung
: healthy birds.

Contact: Jaffer on 0838971873
E-Mail: hjaff1982@gmail.com


November 2019

27/11/2019 – For sale/Te koop:

0-0-90 Skoubudjies
Description: Gemeng, mannetjies, wyfies, jonk en volwasse.
Contact: Leanne Rentroia on 0822268782
E-Mail: leanne@live.co.za

26/11/2019 – For sale/Te koop:

Baby cockatiels available for hand-rearing
Price: R 250 ea

Town/City: Kriel Mpumalanga
Contact: Christelle on 0763124438
E-Mail: lperasmus63@gmail.com

16/11/2019 – For sale/Te koop:

30 + Cockatiels for sale
Description: Various colours
:Various ages
:Some good breeding pairs
:+- 50/50% split male/Females
Price:R125 ea
For sale as one lot only.

Contact: Michele Bartlett on 076 279 4924
E-Mail: steveallhours@yahoo.com

04/11/2019-For sale/Te koop:

0-0-2 Lutino creamface cockatiels
Price: R250 each
0-0-5 Pied cockatiels
Price: R250 ea
Town/City: TBA
Contact:Phillip on 0799985183
Email: mailto:siascom@webmail.co.za

04/11/2019-For sale/Te koop:

0-0-4 Cockatiels
Price: R250 ea
Contact:George Parker on 0833207150
Email: mailto:george@generaalbeyers.co.za

October 2019

29/09/2019-For sale/Te koop:

Show Budgies.
Town/City: Johannesburg.
Contact: Budgie Boutique on 082 714 5811.

11/09/2019-For sale/Te koop:

Baby Budgies for hand rearing.
Pretoria area.
Price: R 150 each.
Phone number 0646579797
WhatsApp number 0761095687.
Contact Michelle on 0646579797
Email: mailto:mdewet24@gmail.com

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