A Guide to Pheasants and Waterfowl


  • Incubation Troubleshooting
  • Skeletal Disorders
  • Nutrition
  • Compatibility and Hybridisation
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Author of the highly regarded A Guide to Pigeons, Doves & Quail, Dr Danny Brown has produced this superlative title on pheasants and waterfowl. The informative, easy-to-read text is lavishly supported with beautiful colour images throughout. Covering all aspects of caring, housing, management and breeding of these unique birds, this title is a credit to the author and an ideal reference source.


Housing – Aviaries; Construction; Pens; Yards; Vermin; Water Facilities; Perches; Floor Material
Compatibility and Hybridisation
Restraint and Handling
Flight Restriction
Nesting Facilities
Reproductive Manipulation and Sexing – Vent Sexing; Artificial Incubation; Candling; Brooding; Identification
Incubation Troubleshooting
Nutrition – Feeding
Making the Most of your Avian Veterinarian
Choosing your Stock – Quarantine
Common Diseases and Disorders – Parasitic Diseases; Bacterial Infections; Fungal Infections; Viral Diseases; Trauma; Egg Binding; Nutritional and Skeletal Disorders; Administration of Medications


Magpie Goose
Black Swan
Mute Swan
Canada Goose
Cape Barren Goose
Grass Whistling Duck
Water Whistling Duck
Burdekin Duck
Ruddy Shelduck
Australian Shelduck
New Zealand Shelduck
Egyptian Goose
Grey Teal
Chestnut Teal
Pacific Black Duck
Australasian Shoveler
Pink-eared Duck
Freckled Duck
Australian Wood Duck
Green Pygmy-goose
White Pygmy-goose
Mandarin Duck
Carolina Duck
White-eyed Duck
New Zealand Scaup
Australian Blue-billed Duck
Musk Duck

Silver Pheasant
Swinhoe’s Pheasant
Siamese Fireback Pheasant
Nepal Kalij Pheasant
Golden Pheasant
Lady Amherst’s Pheasant
Reeve’s Pheasant
Ring-necked Pheasant
Red Junglefowl
Blue Peafowl
Green Peafowl
Chukar Partridge

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