Birdkeeping the South African Way – Part 3 (DVD)


  • South Africa's First Birdkeeping DVD
  • State of the Art Aviary and Birdroom Setups
  • 4 Years of Research
  • Valuable Tips
  • Informative and Entertaining

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A practical guide to keeping and breeding many of the most beautiful and interesting finches from Australia, Asia and other countries.

This highly informative DVD is a valuable asset for both birding novices and advanced enthusiasts. Keeping Finches includes:

  • Hundreds of practical tips
  • State of the art aviary and birdroom set ups
  • More than 50 species that originate from Australia, Asia, Europe , North and South America and some of the rare finches from Africa
  • It is filmed on digital broadcast quality material
  • A unique and well-researched Bird Keepers Guide to help you succeed with the breeding and keeping of these magnificent little birds, including zebra finches and the relatively rare Gouldian finch.

Eelco Meyjes also provides you with in-depth coverage of many specialist finch breeding facilities, including those that are managed by:

Dr David Russell who is a specialist Zebra Finch breeder
Ivan Higgo who is a specialist Gouldian finch breeder
Prof Ernst Kruger who specialises with African finches and
Eelco Meyjes� who has a wide variety of exotic finches

A number of international finch species can be seen on the DVD, including:


Zebra Finch (plus baby zebra finches)
Grass finches, including:

  • Longtailed Grass finch
  • Hecks Grass finch
  • Masked Grass finch

Parsons Finch
Double Bar
Diamond Firetail
Red Browed Finch
Chestnut Breasted
Cherry-Plum Headed
Star finch
Yellow Star finch
Crimson Finch
Painted Finch


Red headed Parrotfinch
Seagreen Parrotfinch
Blue Faced Parrotfinch
Tricoloured Parrotfinch
Peales Parrotfinch

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