• 96 pages
  • Acquiring, Orienting and Training
  • Feeding and Nutrtion
  • Breeding
  • Feathers and Molt
  • Diseases, Health and Parasite Control
  • Breeds of Domesticated Pigeons
  • The Sport of racing Homing Pigeons
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By Matthew Vriends and Tommy Erskine

Complete Pet Owner’s Manual

Here is everything bird fanciers need to know about keeping pigeons, including feeding, housing, protection against parasites, general health care, and breeding. There is also information on various members of the pigeon family, and on breeding pigeons for racing. Titles in the extensive Complete Pet Owner’s Manuals series provide pet owners with basic information on keeping healthy, contented, well-cared-for animals. The series includes approximately 175 titles and covers pets of every kind: dogs, cats, and birds of many breeds, as well as fish, reptiles, rabbits, hamsters, and just about any other animal that people keep as a pet. Facts and advice cover all aspects of pet care, which include proper feeding, housing, health care, grooming, training, and much more. The text in each manual is supplemented with many vivid, full-color photos, and with instructive, anatomically accurate line art. Each manual has been individually written by a breeder, trainer, veterinarian, or experienced animal specialist.

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