Training Your Parrot for the Veterinary Exam (DVD)


  • By Barbara Heidenreich
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Presented by Barbara Heidenreich

This DVD focuses on

  • How to Train your Parrot to Step-up onto new People
  • Enter and Exit a Carry Cage
  • Allow Restraint in a Towel
  • Allow Tactile Examining
  • Nail Trimming and more


Jim McKendry’s Review
This DVD continues Barbara’s tradition of breaking new ground, with a departure from the conventional parrot training DVD focus on ‘tricks’. Instead, it has been produced with the goal of helping companion parrot owners achieve trained behaviours that are both functional and relevant, greatly assisting them in the ongoing care of their bird. Don’t let the title mislead you. The scope of behaviours that Barbara introduces will greatly enhance the relationship and management of your companion bird, regardless of how often you visit the veterinarian!
The interactive nature of this DVD enables the viewer to engage in sessions covering scale training, stepping up onto new people, crate training, towel restraint and allowing tactile handling—all of these behaviours should be considered major goals for the pet parrot owner to achieve. ‘Training Your Parrot for the Veterinary Exam’ is an absolute essential addition to the DVD library of every companion parrot owner.



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